Official: Removing 911 tower at UWGB will impact coverage in Green Bay

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 10:26 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Discussions are underway over finding a temporary home for a Brown County 911 communications tower.

It currently sits on the soon-to-be demolished Cofrin Library, which is located on the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus. It’s one of seven towers in Brown County that emergency responders use.

“Without a tower, there are going to be coverage issues in the county, primarily probably in the city of Green Bay,” Cullen Peltier, the director of Brown County Public Safety Communications, said before members of the county’s Public Safety Committee on Tuesday. “Again, these are things the engineering study will tell us for sure.”

Governor Tony Evers signed the Republican’s budget that included $96 million for a new Cofrin Library as school officials stated the building is in disrepair.

There isn’t any mention in the budget of replacing the 911 tower and it could cost Brown County up to $5 million for a new one.

“We need to figure out where that funding for this project is coming from, and again, we’re going to be starting spending dollars in the near future,” Peltier said.

Peltier stated there are many unknowns with this project. UWGB doesn’t know yet when the Cofrin Library will be razed and Brown County officials still don’t know where they will place a temporary 911 communications tower. Starting an engineering study will hopefully help in providing the county with answers.

During the Public Safety Committee’s meeting on Tuesday, county officials said they are planning to ask the legislature for the funds.

Governor Evers was asked about the 911 tower during his stop on July 8 in Green Bay touting the signing of the new budget and he said then, “Considering this is a $96 million project and it’s going to take a couple years, we’ve got some time to figure that out.”

Rep. Kristina Shelton, (D) Green Bay, told members on the committee the Governor is aware of the situation.

“I was assured from his office that they would be working very closely with all of us to make sure that transition is as smooth as possible,” Shelton said.

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