Oshkosh’s Jackson Street put on a “road diet” from 4 lanes to 3

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 5:54 AM CDT
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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - Usually we hear of roadways and highways adding more lanes of traffic, not decreasing them. That’s what’s known as a “road diet.”

Work begins this week on a busy street in Oshkosh to put Jackson St. on a road diet and reduce the lanes of traffic and make it safer.

Crews will re-stripe Jackson Street, taking it from four lanes to one lane in each direction plus a left turn lane.

It’s being done in an effort to make the corridor safer between Church and Murdoch avenues for drivers and pedestrians.

”By taking those left turning vehicles out of the travel lanes and putting them in a shared left turn lane, it allows traffic to flow with one less lane and it also improves the safety of the roadway,” city transportation director Jim Collins explained.

In 2001, Jackson was widened from two lanes to four. Fast forward through two decades, and surveys show the community wants to enhance safety in this area where there have been a lot of crashes and make it safer for everyone by reducing the lanes of traffic and adding a left turn lane at signaled intersections.

Collins said, “It’s going to improve the quality of life for residents on Jackson Street. This is going to reduce travel speeds, which will also reduce noise on Jackson Street. Additionally, it’s also going to improve the safety for vehicles -- left turning vehicles particularly -- but it should be safer for all vehicles.”

There will also be speed feedback signs to make drivers aware of how fast they’re going -- another key to slowing them down.

Crosswalks will be installed at several intersections.

The work is expected to take a couple of weeks, but one lane of traffic in each direction is expected to be open while the work is being done.

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