Nearly 2,000 new coronavirus cases confirmed Monday

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 2:38 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 2, 2021 at 4:45 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WBAY) - The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reports the state’s total of confirmed coronavirus cases is up to 622,866, an increase of nearly 2,000 since Friday’s report of 620,948. This comes after Friday’s report of 1,027 new confirmed cases, which was the first time the state had reported more than 1,000 new cases in a single day in about four months. Monday’s report of 1,918 new cases brought the seven-day case average from 638 to 797, according to the state. On July 2, the state was averaging 74 new cases per day.

The 7-day average for the positivity rate is continuing to rise. The DHS says 6.9% of all tests in the last 7-day period came back positive, an increase of .8% since Friday’s report.

Health officials blame the delta mutation of the COVID-19 virus, which the CDC says is as contagious as chickenpox and may be more dangerous than other variants so far. A CDC study found vaccinated people infected with the delta variant can carry a viral load as high as the unvaccinated, they’re just less affected by it. The CDC says vaccines are still highly effective at preventing a COVID-19 infection from leading to serious illness or death, even with the delta variant. Virus activity is high in 57 Wisconsin counties and moderate in 15; there are no counties where the virus’s spread is low – the same as last Friday’s report from the state.

Even with the much higher number of cases, the state reports a 7-day death average has decreased to 1 death per day, down from 2 deaths per day on Friday. In addition, the DHS reports the death rate remained 1.2% of all cases for a 25th day.

The DHS also says Wisconsin’s death toll increased by 4 to 7,443. The agency says there were no deaths reported to the state which happened in the past 30 days due to COVID-19. No counties in WBAY’s viewing area saw their death counts go up (county-by-county case and death totals appear later in this article).

According to numbers provided by the DHS, more than 10,000 people received their first vaccine shot since last Friday (and for people getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, their only one). Vaccinators reported 10,616 more people receiving at least one dose of vaccine since Friday, while 6,014 people completed their vaccine series. So far, the agency says 3,030,893 Wisconsinites have received at least one dose of the vaccine (52.1% of the population), including 2,877,082 Wisconsinites who are fully vaccinated (49.4%).

Those figures include 62.9% of Wisconsin’s adult population getting a vaccine and 60.0% finishing their vaccine regimen. Children ages 12 to 15 saw the highest increase in the percentage by age group who received their first dose since Friday. Local health departments and school districts have encouraged parents to get students vaccinated before school begins.

On Monday, the CDC announced the United States had hit the 70% vaccination rate, a month after the Biden Administration’s goal of July 4. The 70% target marked the low-end of initial government estimates for what would be necessary to achieve herd immunity in the U.S. That has been rendered insufficient by the delta variant. However, the U.S. still hasn’t hit the administration’s other goal of fully vaccinating 165 million American adults by July 4. It is about 8.5 million short.

Wisconsin population vaccinated, by age group (and change since Friday)

  • 12-15: 34.2% received a dose (+0.6)/29.0% completed (+0.3)
  • 16-17: 43.0% received a dose (+0.3)/38.8% completed (+0.2)
  • 18-24: 44.8% received a dose (+0.2)/41.0% completed (+0.2)
  • 25-34: 49.2% received a dose (+0.2)/46.0% completed (+0.1)
  • 35-44: 57.1% received a dose (+0.2)/54.0% completed (+0.2)
  • 45-54: 59.4% received a dose (+0.3)/56.4% completed (+0.2)
  • 55-64: 69.5% received a dose (+0.2)/66.7% completed (+0.1)
  • 65+: 83.8% received a dose (+0.0)/81.7% completed (-0.1)

Menominee and Door Counties are the only counties in WBAY’s viewing area to have more than half of its population fully vaccinated. However, Brown and Outagamie counties are close behind at 49.7% and 49.5%, respectively. At their current rates, they could both could cross the 50% mark sometime this week.

Meanwhile, Winnebago County now joins multiple counties in the viewing area where more than half of the populations have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Those other counties are Brown, Door, Menominee, Outagamie and Sheboygan. Manitowoc County is the next closest one, and could be joining that list sometime next week.

The state’s numbers show 94 people were hospitalized for COVID-19 since Friday’s report, much higher than our calculated 7-day average of 44 hospitalizations per day. Taking discharges and deaths into account, the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) reported 310 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, including 88 in intensive care on Monday. Last week on Friday, there were 310 total COVID-19 patients and 88 of those were in the ICU. As we’ve reported, these are the most COVID-19 patients hospitalized at one time since this past May.

The 7-county Northeast health care region’s hospitals have 18 patients among them, including 8 in ICU – 2 more in intensive care and the same amount of patients overall since Friday. The 8-county Fox Valley region’s hospitals are treating 12 COVID-19 patients, 5 fewer than Friday, and that region hasn’t had a COVID-19 patient in the ICU for weeks.


County (Population) (Health region)% of population (change from previous report)Completed % of population (change from previous report)
Brown (264,542) (NE)52.1% (+0.2)49.7% (+0.1)
Calumet (50,089) (FV)47.0% (+0.1)44.8% (+0.1)
Dodge (87,839)41.9% (+0.2)39.8% (+0.1)
Door (27,668) (NE)67.2% (+0.1)64.9% (+0.0)
Fond du Lac (103,403) (SE)44.7% (+0.2)42.6% (+0.1)
Forest (9,004)42.8% (+0.0)41.0% (+0.1)
Florence (4,295) (NE)44.8% (+0.1)43.2% (+0.1)
Green Lake (18,913) (FV)45.9% (+0.2)43.9% (+0.0)
Kewaunee (20,434) (NE)42.0% (+0.1)40.8% (+0.0)
Manitowoc (78,981) (NE)49.1% (+0.2)46.7% (+0.1)
Marinette (40,350) (NE)43.1% (+0.2)41.0% (+0.1)
Menominee (4,556) (FV)54.5% (+0.3)50.3% (+0.1)
Oconto (37,930) (NE)43.4% (+0.1)41.7% (+0.1)
Outagamie (187,885) (FV)52.0% (+0.2)49.5% (+0.1)
Shawano (40,899) (FV)38.3% (+0.0)36.5% (+0.1)
Sheboygan (115,340) (SE)50.5% (+0.2)48.3% (+0.1)
Waupaca (50,990) (FV)44.9% (+0.2)42.9% (+0.1)
Waushara (24,443) (FV)36.9% (+0.0)35.5% (+0.1)
Winnebago (171,907) (FV)50.0% (+0.2)47.6% (+0.0)
NORTHEAST REGION (474,200) (NE)239,614 (50.5%) (+0.2)229,007 (48.3%) (+0.1)
FOX VALLEY REGION (549,682) (FV)265,954 (48.4%) (+0.2)253,318 (46.1%) (+0.1)
WISCONSIN (5,822,434)3,030,893 (52.1%) (+0.2)2,877,082 (49.4%) (+0.1)

Outagamie County Public Health and the Wisconsin National Guard have partnered up on a COVID-19 vaccine clinic inside the Fox River Mall. The walk-in clinic near Scheels will operate on select dates between August 2 and September 2, from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. Get a list of dates on the Outagamie County website.

Meanwhile, Winnebago County health officials announced Wednesday’s Walk-In COVID-19 vaccine clinic and testing at the Sunnyview Expo Center are closed this week due to the County Fair. Testing will resume at the Sunnyview Expo Center on Tuesday, August 10, and the walk-in vaccine clinic will resume on Wednesday, August 11.

The DHS website removed the number of active and recovered cases last week on Tuesday-- those are people diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus in the last 30 days or survived past the 30 days. The last report issued on Monday, July 26 said 1% of cases were active and 98% were considered recovered. Health officials acknowledged long ago that “recovered” cases included people suffering long-term health effects from their infection, the so-called “long haulers.”

MONDAY’S COUNTY CASE AND DEATH TOTALS (counties with new cases or deaths are indicated in bold) **

  • Brown – 32,224 cases (+33) (259 deaths)
  • Calumet – 5,919 cases (+20) (51 deaths)
  • Dickinson (Mich.)* - 2,435 cases (59 deaths)
  • Dodge – 12,140 cases (+12) (177 deaths)
  • Door – 2,650 cases (+3) (30 deaths)
  • Florence - 457 cases (13 deaths)
  • Fond du Lac – 12,742 cases (+16) (133 deaths)
  • Forest - 981 cases (24 deaths)
  • Gogebic (Mich.)* - 1,084 cases (24 deaths)
  • Green Lake - 1,633 cases (21 deaths)
  • Iron (Mich.)* – 1,005 cases (43 deaths)
  • Kewaunee – 2,390 cases (+2) (28 deaths)
  • Langlade - 2,064 cases (+5) (35 deaths)
  • Manitowoc – 7,697 cases (+1) (76 deaths)
  • Marinette - 4,264 cases (+6) (68 deaths)
  • Menominee (Mich.)* - 1,811 cases (41 deaths)
  • Menominee – 809 cases (11 deaths)
  • Oconto – 4,587 cases (+9) (63 deaths)
  • Outagamie – 21,054 cases (+51) (225 deaths)
  • Shawano – 4,814 cases (+7) (73 deaths)
  • Sheboygan – 14,058 cases (+48) (154 deaths)
  • Waupaca – 5,027 cases (+7) (123 deaths)
  • Waushara – 2,236 cases (+2) (35 deaths)
  • Winnebago – 18,561 cases (+15) (203 deaths)

* The Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Wisconsin Hospital Association do not publish updates on weekends. Michigan Department of Health only updates information on Tuesdays and Fridays.

** Cases and deaths are from state COVID-19 reports, which may differ from local health department numbers. The Wisconsin DHS reports cases from all health departments within a county’s boundaries, including tribal, municipal and county health departments; county websites may not. Also, public health departments update their data at various times, whereas the DHS freezes the numbers it receives by the same time every day to compile the afternoon report.

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