Fond du Lac police officers help to replace damaged and stolen bikes

Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 4:11 PM CDT
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FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) - Two Fond du Lac girls have new bikes to ride this summer, thanks to the city’s police department.

It was June 7, at the intersection of E. Johnson and Amory streets, when 8-year-old Miaya Hartwig was hit by a truck after riding her bicycle into traffic. She was injured and her bike sustained serious damage.

“Her bike was rough. It probably won’t ever be able to be ridden again,” says Officer Marcus Clapper.

Officer Clapper not only responded to the crash, but he tracked Hartwig’s recovery. And, when she was well enough, with the help of an anonymous donor he replaced her damaged bike. He told us, “I saw what she went through, and I know how important a bike can be to a kid, so it was really important to me to help make this impact on her and build that relationship with her.”

With a few extra safety measures, Hartwig is fearlessly riding again, adding, “It means that I’m strong and to be careful with your bike.”

Officer Jesse Pimental had a similar motive when he replaced Lynaeh Mann’s bike earlier this week. He says, “If we can do something to help build that relationship and build that joy in their life then I definitely want to make sure that we’re a part of that.”

Mann’s bike was stolen when she went swimming with a neighbor and two of her siblings. ”It was gone. We looked everywhere,” she says.

But with her new bike, courtesy of Office Pimental, who will coincidentally be her school resource officer in the fall, Mann says the joy of summer is back. “We go on daily bike rides. We have a trailer and stuff of all of the kids to go on a bike ride and just to get some fresh air and being able to replace that bike in a day really meant a lot to me.”

And the extra kindness of the officers is something neither of the girls will ever forget.

Two Fond du Lac Police officers came to the aid of two young girls after one's bike was damaged...
Two Fond du Lac Police officers came to the aid of two young girls after one's bike was damaged and the other's was stolen.(WBAY)

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