Two veterans from Oshkosh host, produce show about DAV

Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 4:22 PM CDT
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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - Two Army veterans are working to raise awareness about the Disabled American Veterans organization, or DAV, and they’re taking to the airwaves to make it happen.

Veterans Adam Alexander and Mike Hert have known each other for about a decade, but what started out as a professional relationship has become much more personal.

According to Alexander, “Initially he was my deputy commander when we deployed to Afghanistan together, but fortunately I don’t have to salute him anymore because we’re both officially civilians now. He’s just Mike, and I’m just Adam.”

Together, the two are “The Outpost.” The brainchild of Mike Hert, it’s a 30-minute TV show airing on Oshkosh Media and saved to YouTube, dedicated to veterans affairs and especially the DAV.

“To be able to get the message out there about what the Disabled American Veterans does, in terms of our services, our mission. A lot of people may not be aware of that, and so this is one more opportunity to get it out there,” says Hert.

The former State Commander of the DAV, Hert is also disabled veteran, and Action 2 News has extensively followed Adam Alexander’s story of recovery after he was shot while serving in Afghanistan with the Ashwaubenon-based 432nd.

The two will use “The Outpost” as an opportunity to host monthly conversations with other veterans, talking about their experiences in the military. Hert says, “Every veteran has a story, and this just seems to be such a good outlet to it.”

With a focus on the DAV and how it helps veterans, speaking from experience, both Hert and Alexander have found peace, solace, and a second family with the organization. Alexander adds, “I was medically retired from the military about 15 years sooner than I had planned to get out of the military and lost that sense of camaraderie that I had in the military, and the DAV gave me some sense of that since I’ve been out and I really cherish that.”

And by sharing these stories and experiences in a public forum, the hope is others will see what is out there, “If that veteran, or that family member - and that’s a good point too - a family member watches and says hey this is a benefit I don’t think you know about and they get them to watch the show and it ultimately helps the veteran - that’s what it’s about,” says Hert.

Only one episode in, Hert and Alexander look forward to continuing the DAV conversation while spreading its message of help.

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