FVTC enters into Collegiate Transfer Program

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 4:30 PM CDT
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GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - While the cost of college continues to go up, Fox Valley Tech has entered into a partnership with Madison College to help make post secondary education more affordable. It’s especially beneficial for those who may be undecided on a major.

With several strokes of the pen, Fox Valley Technical College and Madison College are now partners in education. The two schools teaming up for the Collegiate Transfer Program.

Under the agreement, Fox Valley Tech students can now earn a 60-credit, two year associate of arts or associate of sciences degree. Classes can be taken in-person or online at Fox Valley Tech or online through Madison College and then used to transfer to a four your institution. According to Dr. Jennifer Lanter, FVTC Dean of General Studies, “If you don’t know and you just want to explore and take a variety of classes in science and math and psychology and sociology you’ll have that opportunity to do that, more broad exploration, but as you become more comfortable with the curriculum you’re most interested in, you’ll be able to tailor it then to your needs and your wants as you move forward.”

Prior to the partnership, credits were transferable, but in order to qualify for financial aid, Fox Valley Tech students needed to be enrolled in a specific program at the college. This program allows for students to study general education classes and explore majors and careers while still being able to receive financial aid. Students will save up to 30% in the cost of tuition by completing the first two years through this program versus a 4-year university. “Anytime that we can make that pathway and those segways much more affordable for students to move on, I think we need to do that, that’s our responsibility to do that,” adds Dr. Jack Daniels, President of Madison College.

Knowing that financial help is available for students, just starting their college programs, is reassuring. “Watching my savings account drain, as a one income family, is very stressful and I think this will just give me more opportunity to not worry about that aspect and focus on my studies,” says FVTC student Savannah Mujkanovic.

While signed in Spring, the partnership won’t go into effect until this Fall.

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