Scray Cheese sees big boost in business after Cleveland radio phone call

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 4:55 PM CDT
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TOWN OF ROCKLAND, Wis. (WBAY) - It’s not unusual for Scray Cheese, in the Town of Rockland -- just outside of De Pere -- to receive phone calls asking about their cheese products. But, a cold call from a Cleveland, OH sports talk radio station has led to an expanded fan base.

Dozens of boxes from online orders are ready to be shipped. It’s just the latest in what’s been a boom for business at Scray Cheese.

“Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we sent out probably 30, 40 each day and then this today from the weekend so they’re still ordering,” says General Manager Kayla Scray.

The extra orders, all heading to Ohio, have been coming in since last week. It was last Tuesday, when Sue, one of the shop ladies, answered the phone. Aaron Goldhammer, co-host of “The Really Big Show” on ESPN Radio in Cleveland, randomly dialed a 920 phone number as part of the show’s weekly “Flip the Script” segment, “This is the segment where you don’t call us, this is the segment where we call you,” says Goldhammer.

And on that day, “The Really Big Show” reached Scray Cheese to talk about the Aaron Rodgers drama. According to Goldhammer, “The fun thing about it is, no one may answer the phone, a voicemail may pick up, or it may be Aaron Rodgers cellphone - for all we know. Now the odds of that are slim, but it just so happened that the random number that we dialed, in the 920 area code, was the factory of Scray Cheese and the lovely Sue picked up the phone.”

For the next ten minutes Sue from Scray discussed the Rodgers’ situation, telling the hosts, “My personal opinion is, I don’t know he got kinda strange after they hired that other guy and I thought that was kind of odd.”

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She also talked cheese saying, “We make cheddar cheese, up to three years old, but we carry older ones. And then we also make Fontina, which is an Italian melting cheese - really delicious, and we also make Gouda, family recipe, plain and smoked and we won an awards with the smoked one at the State Fair.”

An award-winning conversation, “Sue from Scray was a pretty big rock star in Cleveland for the day,” said Goldhammer, that led dozens of listeners, from Ohio, to go online and place orders with Scray -- at one point crashing their website.

“The way the orders came in, that was kind of crazy. Two weeks before Christmas, that’s usually how we are and it was the middle of May and we were shipping boxes out like Christmas. So, wonderful because this is our slow time, so it really helped us out - thank you Ohio,” added Scray employee Kelly Tollar.

And, while the Scray team will continue to deliver to its Ohio fan base, they’re staying true to a Wisconsin favorite. Kayla Scray says, “We love Aaron Rodgers here at Scray Cheese and Go Pack Go.”

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