Bellin College graduation: Students ready to enter the medical field

Updated: May. 8, 2021 at 8:53 PM CDT
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FREEDOM, Wis. (WBAY) - Bellin College held its outdoor commencement at the Field of Scenes Drive-in in Freedom on Saturday. Students went from health care worker students, to now health care working professionals.

“I remember I job shadowed at Bellin Hospital and I met everybody that I am now working with, so it’s really cool that I’ve now become a coworker instead of just being someone that was visiting,” said Taylor Weier, Bellin College graduate.

153 students graduated from nursing undergraduate and graduate programs, radiologic sciences undergraduate program, and the diagnostic medical sonography undergraduate program.

“We can’t put out graduates fast enough in the professions that we have in nursing, in medical imaging, and physical therapy, there is such a demand,” said Matt Rentmeester, Vice President of Admissions and Marketing, Bellin College.

While it has been a long year for everyone, it has been especially difficult for those that work in the medical field. Many of the Bellin College graduates helped our local clinics and hospitals with COVID-19 testing and vaccinations throughout the pandemic, and say because of this, they are more than ready to enter the medical field.

“Two different times this Spring I got to volunteer at a clinic giving vaccines, it was so much fun to get to be a part of the solution and it’s fun to say, I get to say I was a part of history in solving the pandemic,” said Tiegan Fager, Bellin College graduate. “I think it was just really good to get to meet a lot of people that came through to get their vaccines and just to get the experience and practice and really get to see what public health is like in a big setting like that.”

“When I got the chance to give vaccinations, I’m like alright guys step aside, it’s my turn to use my skills that I’ve learned in school to help be the solution to this problem,” said Emi Ann, Bellin College graduate. “It’s really special how it’s all come together and how nursing has really been highlighted during the pandemic, that we are the people that are there caring for people at their bedside. And a new appreciation for nurses has come through with this and I’m so grateful to see that change. But it’s an exciting week for nursing and nursing graduates.”

Some of those graduates who experienced working in the field during the COVID-19 outbreak, said they are now prepared for whatever challenges come their way.

“We’ve always loved health care workers but my goodness, this last year, the spotlight has been on them on how critical they are to everything in society,” Rentmeester explained.

Rentmeester said many of their graduates already have jobs, and will be working at a hospital or clinic nearby, helping to protect our community.

Congratulations to all 2021 grads!

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