Counseling for restaurant employees now a priority following deadly shooting

Published: May. 3, 2021 at 6:41 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Following Monday’s morning press conference at Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Action 2 News has now learned all three victims in this attack worked at the Duck Creek Kitchen and Bar.

“He walked to the Duck Creek Kitchen and Bar and walked directly towards the back of the restaurant, towards a waiter station,” said Sheriff Todd Delain, Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

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Authorities say Bruce Pofahl walked up to the restaurant employees Saturday night, shooting and killing 35-year-old Jacob Bartel, and 32-year-old Ian Simpson.

“This occurred with approximately fifty patrons inside of the restaurant,” said Sheriff Delain.

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As Action 2 News reported, Oneida Nation said in their press conference Sunday, there were 150 to 200 employees on the property at the time of the shooting.

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Then, 28-year-old Daniel Mulligan was shot outside of the Radisson Hotel and was airlifted to a hospital in Milwaukee. Sheriff Delain said he’s in serious condition.

“We’re all pulling for Mr. Mulligan, want for him to have a full recovery as quickly as possible. Certainly, everyone here throughout the community is wishing the very best for him. And I think, you know, hopefully, we’ll be able to get some information directly from him at some point. We have not been able to talk to him at this point. But the number one thing for him right now is just to get better,” Sheriff Delain explained.

The toll of the shooting extends beyond the physical, the Oneida Nation now prioritizing necessary counseling for employees and everyone else impacted.

“Yesterday, they had EAP services, and employee assistance services, Brown County counselors, we had two counselors from Menominee Nation and our internal counseling staff were on site yesterday, and we have scheduled times today where the counselors at, and that’s open to all community members, staff, and their families,” said Brandon Stevens, Oneida Nation Vice Chairman.

“We’ve done our best to pull together as the Oneida business committee and our senior management to make sure that we’re providing our employees the best response we can at this time. And so again, we’re just trying to make sure we have a balanced approach to recovery from this situation, making sure we’re taking care of, you know, physical health and safety, making sure mental health is being taken care of and also spiritual health,” said Tehassi Hill, Oneida Nation Chairman.

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