Relying on the experts to avoid fear of driving in mountains

Published: Apr. 26, 2021 at 2:48 PM CDT
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DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - A New Franken man is thanking Schneider National for helping him navigate around his fear of heights.

Knowing he needed to drive to Arizona, Pat Pfister turned to the expertise of the orange trucks for directions that avoided mountains.

As a former army paratrooper, Pfister loves to fly and jump out of planes.

Just don’t get him near a mountain road though.

“My problem comes in with getting too close to a ledge, if I get too close to a ledge, I don’t care if that ledge has been there for a million years, I know that’s going to be the time it collapses,” says Pfister.

With plans to drive his wife to Phoenix recently to see her sister, Pfister realized there were a lot of mountains between him and Arizona.

Several days online only added to his stress.

“And the internet is very helpful, there’s about 100 people with a thousand ideas and when I got off I was very confused, so I thought I need professional help, I need a truck driver to tell me which route to take and I thought of Schneider,” says Pfister.

Pat Pfister's route to Arizona.
Pat Pfister's route to Arizona.(WBAY)

Pfister’s email landed in Bob Seidl’s inbox, who before becoming a Schneider Training and Development Administrator, had logged more than 1.5 million miles with his wife.

“And we’ve crisscrossed the country east to west, north to south, corner to corner, you pick it, we’ve been there as team drivers,” says Seidl.

Within five minutes, Seidl had a route picked out for Pfister.

“We avoided a lot of the hills, the Albuquerque Hills, and the I-40 hills are not something Pat would’ve really liked,” says Seidl with a chuckle.

“And he picked out one that cut off 240 miles from the route I was going to take and it was great, it was just as flat as could be, I had no problems,” says Pfister.

Back from Arizona, Pfister stopped by Schneider today to meet Seidl, and thank him.

“Schneider’s always been a part of the community and a part of being part of the community is being neighbors and that’s nothing a neighbor wouldn’t do for another neighbor, so it was my pleasure,” says Seidl.

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