Homicide, armed robbery charges filed following death of Kaukauna man

Two arrested in Kaukauna death. April 5, 2021.
Two arrested in Kaukauna death. April 5, 2021.(Outagamie County Jail)
Published: Apr. 7, 2021 at 6:03 PM CDT
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KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) - Two people have been formally charged following the death of a Kaukauna man police had initially described as ”suspicious” last week.

Court documents show both 26-year-old Dontae Payne and 29-year-old Tanya Stammer, both of Milwaukee, have been charged with the following felony counts:

  • First Degree Intentional Homicide- PTAC, As a Party to a Crime
  • Armed Robbery - PTAC, As a Party to a Crime

As Action 2 News first reported, police and paramedics were called to the 100 block of W. Division Street on Wednesday, March 31 at about 3:30 p.m. for a suspicious death.

That’s where police say the body of 37-year-old Brian Porsche was found by his brother, identified in court documents with the initials of “P.P.”

According to the criminal complaint, police found a bullet casing laying in the living room floor about three to four feet from Porsche.

According to the complaint, Porsche was found sitting in a chair with blood on his chest after his brother arrived to check on him. When “P.P.” had arrived, he found the storm door and the inside door closed, but the inside door was unlocked, which he told police was unusual. Documents say he went to check on him after no one had heard from Porsche since the evening before, which he told police was unusual.

The complaint goes on to say an autopsy done by the Milwaukee Medical Examiner’s Office determined Porsche died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Court documents say police obtained surveillance video from a business near Porsche’s residence, which pointed in the direction of his home.

In the video, police say they saw a blue vehicle with a white top pull into a parking lot for the nearby B.P. gas station at about 7:08 p.m. on March 30. A few minutes later, the complaint states police saw a woman, later identified as Stammer, walking from the area of the vehicle to the front door of Porsche’s home located at 114 W. Division Street.

A minute later, police say a man identified as Payne could be seen walking from the vehicle toward the main door and entering the same door Stammer did, and then closing it.

A couple of minutes later, the document states an inside light was turned on near the main entry door, and shortly after, a sliver minivan pulled into the B.P. parking lot.

The complaint states Stammer and Payne leave the residence by going through the main entry door and walk to the blue vehicle parked at the gas station.

When police did follow-up interviews, the complaint states a woman identified as “G.L.R.” arrived home in a blue Oldsmobile with a white top shortly after noon on April 1.

Documents say G.L.R. told police “They shot dude in the head” and added “I brought her to the gas station and parked there. She got out and went in dude’s house. She texted the boy’s phone and the next thing you know he got out and then my dad pulled up next to me.”

According to the complaint, G.L.R. told police that “the girl” was going to vie G.L.R. some gas money too.

In addition, the document says G.L.R. told police “Before all that, dude walked back to my car with the gun and it was strange because I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know they shot him On the ride home we got a room and I stayed in Milwaukee and then today, they told me they shot dude in the head, I didn’t know that.”

While driving to Milwaukee, G.L.R. states in the complaint they stopped in Fond du Lac, where they got food and gas, as well as cigarettes. The document states G.L.R. paid for the gas with a $100 bill, which was assumed by G.L.R. to be from the man who was shot in Kaukauna.

G.L.R. then told police she dropped Stammer and Payne off at the DMV in Milwaukee to get new identification cards, but didn’t know which DMV they were dropped off at, and she didn’t know who the guy was.

According to the complaint, G.L.R. said she called her dad while Stammer and Payne were inside the DMV, and her father told her to get out of there and to go home, which she did.

In addition, G.L.R. told police she saw a gun in Payne’s hand while he walked back to her vehicle from Porsche’s home, but didn’t know if the gun was a rip off. She said Stammer came out with some change, $500 in cash and some keys. It was also discovered that Porsche’s cell phone was taken as well. According to the complaint, Stammer and Payne told G.L.R. to go by the lake so they could get rid of the phone and keys, and after arriving in Oshkosh, she drove to Asylum Point Park, where Stammer and Payne got out of the vehicle and threw keys and the phone in the water.

G.L.R. goes on to say in the complaint that the gun wasn’t thrown into the water, and was spotted at the Days Inn motel in Milwaukee, and also saw it before Payne went into the DMV. She didn’t know if the gun was still in her car, or was with Payne. She also told police she didn’t know who Porsche was, and also drove them to the point in at Asylum Point Park where the items were thrown.

While there, police found a black plastic back of a phone case on the rocks along the shore, and G.L.R. pointed out a gray piece of plastic sticking out of the water wedged against a rock where the water meets the shore. The complaint says the gray plastic is similar to a boarder piece of a cell phone case.

On April 2, a dive team found a cell phone in the water, and was given to the evidence team. In addition, a detective saw an Otter box cell phone cover floating on the shoreline that was grey and blue in color, and used for a large smart phone.

Eventually, G.L.R. told police Stammer had told her that Stammer had pointed the gun first at Porsche before he swatted at it, and then Payne took the gun from Stammer and shot Porsche.

The complaint goes on to say Stammer told G.L.R. she had gone through Porsche’s bathroom before leaving the home.

While searching G.L.R.’s phone, police say they found a call from Stammer at 10:59 a.m. on April 1, which went unanswered. Shortly after, G.L.R. received messages from Stammer which stated “Where you at you have the money we done”, “How am I to pay for the bus now that you took off with everything” and “do you understand what’s in the car G.L.R. if you get pulled over”.

In addition, a contact in G.L.R.’s phone listed as “Yhn Velli” messaged her, saying “Hey can you please bring me my strap” and “Like it’s in the backseat of your car”, according to the complaint. The complaint says “strap” can be a slang term for a gun, and after searching G.L.R.’s vehicle, police found a handgun lying on the right hear passenger seat that was partially covered. In addition, they say they found a magazine in the gun and a 9mm cartridge with imprints around the primer of “9mm, luger, G.F.L.” in the chambered cartridge.

Officials say those imprints were the same as the ones on the spent shell casing found on the floor at the scene.

While being interviewed by police, the complaint states Stammer gave several conflicting stories, but admitted to being at the home and said “I shot him in the head.”

Stammer went on to say in the complaint that Porsche had his hands up and was saying he didn’t want this to happen, and then told him she wanted it to look like a robbery gone bad. According to the complaint, Stammer had known about a coffee can of money in Porsche’s cupboard, and he took the money out of the can and handed it to her. She also told Porsche to hive her a change jar she had found, which he did, according to the complaint.

The complaint goes on to say Stammer confirmed Payne shot Porsche, and also told police Porshce’s keys and phone were in Lake Winnebago.

In addition, the document states Stammer told police that G.L.R. didn’t know Porsche was dead at the time, or know of the plan.

According to the complaint, during an interview with Payne, he also provided several conflicting stories, and told police he shot Porsche in self-defense because he was so big and trying to get Payne’s gun.

Afterward, court documents state police found Payne’s Facebook page, where one post made at around 12:30 p.m. on April 3rd said “I got murder on my mind”, and a previous post of a picture made on March 17. Under that post, Stammer commented “no a days Bonnie and Clyde proven facts no one will ever forget us” and Payne replied “we gone be legendary in dis game”.

Another photo posted on March 17 showed Payne and Stammer in a selfie, and in the photo, the complaint states Payne is wearing a black holster with a semi-automatic hand gun appearing to be the same gun recovered from G.L.R.’s vehicle.

As previously reported, Payne and Stammer were booked into the Outagamie County Jail early Monday evening. They both made initial appearances in Outagamie County Court Wednesday afternoon.

Stammer has a preliminary hearing scheduled for the afternoon of April 14.

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