Door County leads the state in residents getting first dose of vaccine

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 4:43 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Data from the Department of Health Services shows Door County is leading the way when it comes to the number of residents who have received at least one dose.

“We don’t have a magic wand or anything special up here. I think we’re doing the same thing that other areas are doing,” said Joe Krebsback, Door County’s Director of Health and Human Services.

Although there’s no magic involved, Krebsbach offers an explanation as to why Door county is leading the state when it comes to the percentage of residents receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. As of Tuesday, Door County is quickly approaching 50 percent for that metric, compared to 33 percent in Brown County and about 30 percent in Kewaunee County. Statewide, an average of 33 percent of eligible residents have at least one dose.

“I think probably one of the driving factors that make our numbers look so good at the moment is that we have a very motivated population to get the vaccine because we have a large group of seniors,” said Krebsbach.

While the county’s population makes a difference, Krebsbach said age does as well.

“If you dive into the numbers over 50% of our first doses have gone to individuals over the age of 65,” said Krebsbach. “I think we’re at about 86% of that subgroup having at least first doses and so, again, part of it is just the motivation level of of individuals.”

Krebsbach said while the hospital and health department continue to reach out to people who are eligible for the vaccine, he knows some residents have received it in other counties.

“The reality is we get folks counted in Door County that are getting their vaccines elsewhere,” said Krebsbach.

Krebsbach said some of the motivation may also come from being a tourist destination.

“I think our other folks are probably going to be interested in it because we don’t get to control who comes in the visits here. And that being said, I think there’s a little heightened anxiety about that as well, and so I think that may drive our numbers to continue to stay high,” said Krebsbach.

Door County also has a lot of seasonal workers, some even coming internationally. Krebsbach said that population is part of an ongoing discussion.

“I had mentioned earlier that the hospital was working on some subgroups and that’s one of the populations,” said Krebsbach. “What we’re looking at is how to get those individuals who come from other countries, the opportunity to get the vaccine. And again, we’re hopeful that folks will take us up on that offer.”

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