Green Bay man charged with repeated sexual assault of a child

Cory Detaege has been charged with 1st Degree Child Sex Assault and one count of Repeated...
Cory Detaege has been charged with 1st Degree Child Sex Assault and one count of Repeated Sexual Assault of Same Child. Both counts have been amended with Repeater modifiers.(Brown County Sheriff's Office)
Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 11:13 PM CDT
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Readers may find some of the details from the criminal complaint disturbing - read at your discretion.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Green Bay man has been formally charged with repeated sexual assault of a child.

According to court documents, 29-year-old Cory Detaege has been charged with one count of Repeated Sexual Assault of Same Child (At least 3 violations of 1st Degree Sexual Assault) and also faces one count of First Degree Child Sex Assault - Sexual Contact with Person under Age of 13. Both counts have Repeater modifiers.

Online court records show the complaint was filed on March 29, and Detaege made his initial appearance in Brown County court Wednesday afternoon.

A criminal complaint describes multiple sexual assaults of a young boy that happened over the course of the spring and summer months last year.

Documents say the boy reported it to his mother on September 7. The complaint states the mother saw her 8 and 10 year old sons touching each other inappropriately, and they told her they learned the behavior for her former co-worker.

According to the complaint, the mother said she hadn’t seen Detaege in nearly three months, saying that when they were coworkers, they would occasionally hang out, and he would come over and visit her and her boys.

The complaint states the 10-year-old boy said Detaege would touch his groin and butt area, and also said Detaege would put his genitals in the boy’s buttocks area, and Detaege told him to keep it a secret.

The boy’s mother claims her 8-year-old son witnessed it, since he was in the room with them. The complaint state’s the mother was unaware of Detaege’s previous history of sexually assaulting children.

In 2019, Detaege pleaded no contest to several 4th degree Sexual Assault charges related to incidents several years before, and was sentenced to six months in jail. That plea came from a case filed in 2017, where court documents say sexual assaults of a child happened between October of 2013 and February of 2015.

After the boys told their mother what had happened, she and her husband called Detaege asking him if he did this, and although he initially denied it, he began crying and begged them not to call police.

Documents say the husband had to block Detaege from his phone, due to him calling repeatedly and again begging him to not call police.

The boys were then interviewed by a Child Protection worker on September 15.

The 10-year-old boy told the worker that Detaege would stick his fingers in the boy’s butt, and then kiss him on the lip, saying Detaege did this when the boys’ parents were gone to get food at the store.

Documents say this happened multiple times.

When speaking with the 8-year-old boy, documents say Detaege would also lick and touch him.

Online court documents haven’t updated to reflect when Detaege’s next court date is.

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