After canceling last year because of COVID, free Easter meals will resume

Published: Mar. 12, 2021 at 6:58 PM CST
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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - After canceling last year because of concerns over the spread of COVID-19, an organization providing free holiday meals will resume this Easter, but just for home deliveries.

While plans for indoor dining, are still out, the organizer of We Care Meals, Ed Rathsack says he’s moving forward, for the first time since the outbreak of the virus.

“Easter, the COVID shots are out, people are starting to some around, it’s starting to drop off we’ve made the decision we’re going to do strictly home deliveries,”

Rathsack says the meals will be put together at Riverview Gardens in Appleton, but only volunteers will be allowed inside and everyone will be asked to wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer who helps out.

He expects about three hundred people will be needed, mostly as drivers.

“You’ll pull up, you will get in a lane. As you come forward someone will come, talk to you, make sure you know the route your going on, the number of meals you need and that. They will radio it inside to the Riverview Gardens and Riverview Gardens inside will be putting the meals together, putting them in bags, sending them out to the car,” Rathsack added.

Previous meals have focused on providing companionship, as well as a meal, but with COVID the decision to talk will be up to the driver, and the person receiving the meal.

As for Christmas, Rathsack is a bit more confident inside dining could return.

He said, “Luckily I got my shot and everyone else I hope is getting their shots and we can get back to normalcy and get back to having fun. My group, we still enjoy doing it. If we didn’t enjoy doing it we wouldn’t do it.”

To sign up as a volunteer you can call (920) 731-7867.

To sign up for a free delivered meal, you can call (920) 358-9671.

Calls for a meal will be accepted thru noon on Easter.

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