Appleton’s Avenue of Ice

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 8:29 PM CST
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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - The Avenue of Ice is back in downtown Appleton, now in year number 6. Fifteen ice sculptures were placed up and down College Avenue on Friday. They start at Drew Street and continue for about six blocks down to State Street, a mile-long stretch of downtown Appleton.

“Quite a few years we’ve been bringing different designs and sculptures of all different sizes to the district,” Lynn Hardy, marketing director for Appleton Downtown Inc. said.

Hardy says bringing the ice sculptures back downtown will hopefully attract support for local businesses.

“Whether its grabbing a cup of coffee while you take your stroll, or stopping into a local boutique to grab that handmade mitten and scarf to keep you warm, or maybe grabbing some takeout when you’re done walking around.”

Organizers say this event is a perfect one to enjoy while being safe and socially distanced.

“There’s no set time frame, there’s no set location point of gathering, masks keep you warm right now in the winter, so it’s a great thing to be wearing when you’re walking outside anyways,” Hardy says.

The sculptures will be downtown all weekend for people to enjoy and will stay up as long as the weather permits.

But before the ice has had a chance to melt, Appleton Downtown Inc. is already thinking about summer and the events it can bring back then.

“We work real closely with the health department and the city to make sure that we’re putting in the best safety practices to keep our community safe for these events. We all want them back, and we want them sooner than later so we just got to keep doing our part.”

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