ThedaCare set to reopen rural clinic in Tigerton mansion

Published: Jan. 14, 2021 at 4:32 PM CST
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TIGERTON, Wis. (WBAY) - After ten months, ThedaCare is set to reopen its medical clinic in Tigerton. It as shut down in march as the health care system re-purposed some of its properties due to the pandemic.

The 110 year old Swanke Mansion, on the banks of the Embarrass Fiver in Tigerton, started out as a home. But, for the past seven decades, under the ownership of non-profit Tigerton Clinic Inc., it’s been a place for the rural community to seek medical care.

“We’ve been here since 1950. It’s been the goal of the organization to provide the community medical services for the last 70 years. Probably for the last 25 years we’ve owned the building and rented to the company that provides the services,” says Aaron Damrau with Tigerton Clinic Inc..

ThedaCare decided to temporarily close the clinic, at the beginning of the pandemic, for patient safety. The downtime allowed for renovations and updates to the space. But, as work got underway, in the one hundred year old building, the project snowballed -- but in a good way.

According to ThedaCare physician, Dr. Jasmine Wiley, “When we pulled out the carpet, in this whole first floor, we realized the original floors were underneath and then it just became this project and labor of love to kind of restore the floors to their original, try and save them and make some other updates and restoring of paint colors and things like that.”

Contractors and volunteers and even the clinic’s medical staff put in a lot of hours to restore the first floor of the historic building. The original cork floors are shining again. Woodwork and cabinetry were salvaged too.

“Really to have honored that history of this building too is really really exciting for the community and we’ve seen so much excitement about the posts we’ve shared online and things as we’ve worked on this project and that I think is what really means the most to us,” says Dr. Wiley.

But much like the patients who come to the clinic, the building is still in need of some more TLC. The hope is the first floor renovations will lead to more restoration of the landmark. Aaron Damrau adds, “It is a first step to a larger project that I think the community will hopefully be excited to raise money for and to keep the clinic here and to see future use for this building.”

The reopened clinic will start welcoming patients again on Monday.

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