Community kindness helping businesses and those in need

Published: Nov. 24, 2020 at 4:12 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The kindness of the community is starting to shine as Thanksgiving approaches. The generosity isn’t just helping those in need, but also business owners still trying to navigate the pandemic

The holidays are usually busy times for restaurants and event spaces, and in the midst of the pandemic some things are the same.

“Thanksgiving this year, it’s always been one of our busiest weeks of the year but this year is quite a bit busier. I think we have around a hundred different Thanksgiving dinners that we’re doing - a lot of turkeys, a lot of cranberries, a lot of stuffing,” says Chef Chris Mangless from Three Three Five.

Jyll Everyman, owner of Gather on Broadway says things are also different, adding, “We have to very much pivot our business plan. So, we really in the past didn’t really do anything for Thanksgiving before, but this year we were like people need it. They don’t want to go out to the grocery stores, they can’t get together with families like they usually do, so how do we take off a lot of that stress.”

For the past several days, crews at Three Three Five and Gather on Broadway have been busy preparing their takeout Thanksgiving feasts. Both businesses were then approached by clients who wanted to do more. Gather on Broadway posted to its Facebook page about a customer who bought more than a thousand dollars worth of side dishes -- not for themselves, but instead for those in need. Gather deciding to donate that food to Freedom House.

“It helped us and it’s helping the community and we just thought that was just such a beautiful thing,” says Everman.

Just yesterday Three Three Five heard from a couple of clients who wanted to buy some of its meals for others too, more donations as well as requests for meals came in overnight. Not wanting to have to turn anyone away, despite business being down because of the pandemic, Three Three Five has now committed to donating a meal for every one that is purchased.

According to Chris Mangless, “If us giving a meal can make a family or some kids experience a nice holiday than it’s worth it.”

And with Christmas and New Years still to come, both Gather and Three Three Five hope people will continue to support them while helping others too.

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