Wisconsin’s first large-scale solar facility complete in Manitowoc County

Two Creeks Solar Park features 500,000 solar panels on 800 acres with the ability to power more than 33,000 homes.
Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 3:33 PM CST
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MANITOWOC COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Tucked between farm fields in rural Manitowoc County sits Wisconsin’s first large-scale solar facility.

“Two Creeks Solar Park is already running and providing clean energy to customers across the state,” said Matt Cullen, spokesman for Wisconsin Public Service (WPS).

The solar park features cutting-edge technology with panels tilting to follow the sun from sunrise to sunset to harness as much energy as possible for customers of WPS and Madison Gas and Electric (MGE).

“We are dependent upon Mother Nature," said Cody Craig, asset manager for wind and solar sites across WPS. "When the sun shines, it produces radiants, and those radiants land on the solar modules themselves.”

Two Creeks Solar Park features 500,000 solar panels on 800 acres with the ability to power more than 33,000 homes.

While solar energy peaks on hot summer days in Wisconsin, Two Creeks Solar Park is ready to provide energy through the cold winter months ahead.

“The sun is still shining even if it’s behind a cloud. We still will get a radiance in the wintertime. If we see a snowstorm is coming, we can still get that aggressive tilt," said Craig. "That way the snow will shed. It will melt off as soon as the storm passes, then we’ll go back to tracking the sun again. So, that prevents any type of snow accumulation or snow buildup.”

“Our goals have been to reduce emissions, reduce cost to our customers, and preserve a diverse mix of generation facilities that we can use to provide the energy that our customers need,” said Cullen

Cullen tells Action 2 News 26% of energy provided by WPS and We Energies to customers is carbon-free.

The utility company hopes to be net carbon neutral for generation facilities they operate by 2050.

Badger Hollow Solar Farm I is expected to be completed by April 2021, and between that facility and Two Creeks Solar Park, Cullen anticipates WPS customers will save more than $100 million over the life of those two projects compared to projected market prices for energy.

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