Safe tips and tricks to celebrate Halloween this year

Published: Sep. 23, 2020 at 4:53 PM CDT
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NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WBAY) - As Halloween quickly approaches, parents are trying to figure out how to keep the spooktacular fun safe during the pandemic.

“There’s a new normal and I think this year, people are going to have to be as safe as possible and try to find safer activities than what we have done in the past,” said Dr. Matthew Theado, a pediatrician at Bellin Health.

Although new, safer Halloween activities are encouraged this year because of COVID-19, Dr. Theado said it doesn’t mean the holiday has to be ignored.

“I think there are ways you can have fun and do something different this year that isn’t around large groups of people,” said Dr. Theado. “Be outside, six feet apart and wear a mask. Do those three things and still have fun.”

The City of Appleton put out a few safety guideliens and alternatives to consider as the CDC says door-to-door trick-or-treating isn’t safe.

“The candy shoot. We saw that and that’s actually something that I want to create in terms of just like a ‘how to’ video for our Facebook audience, you know, how to get creative with handing out candy,” said Sheng Rieckers, senior communications specialist for the City of Appleton. “For the candy shoot, all it takes is a PVC pipe, you know, and some decorations. It’ll be really fun to kind of get the community thinking about how we can still celebrate Halloween but doing it safely.”

Those handing out candy are encouraged to leave a light on and put the candy outside in a bowl or on a table to maintain social distancing.

“Of course, avoid places where high risk individuals lives such as nursing homes,” said Riechers.

Riechers said Hallowwen enthusiasts ca also go virtual by hosting digital costume contests or a scary movie watch party on Faceook or Netflix.

When it comes to costumes, scary masks re not enough to stop the spread so Dr. Theado said regular face masks should be worn.

“A plastic costume mask does not qualify as a mask to help decrease the spread. But if you are going to wear something at least a two layer mask and hopefully be creative and have it be part of your costume,” said Dr. Theado.

For parents who are still thinking about going door-to-door, Dr. Theado wants you to keep this in mind.

“You have to make sure that everyone that’s around your kid is not sick. You have to make sure that place that you go and ring on their doorbell that person that answered the door is not sick. So there’s a lot of faith in everybody to be able to make that work well so there’s no guarantees,” said Dr. Theado. “It’s gonna be a rough holiday season but hopefully everyone can stay positive, find things that are fun for the kids and for the families.”

“Our parks and rec department is working hard on a Halloween event for families. It’ll be taking place on Friday October 30,” said Riechers. “We’re just trying to provide again families with alternatives to typical trick-or-treating or typical Halloween parties done in a safe manner and in a safe environment.”

On the CDC website, health experts list Halloween activities from low-risk to high-risk. Head to to check those out.

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