Packers fans celebrate first game day during pandemic

Published: Sep. 13, 2020 at 6:30 PM CDT
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ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY) - Plenty of Packers fans want to celebrate the start of the season. But, because of the pandemic, some are figuring out how to adjust their typical game day traditions.

“Normally we tailgate at Lambeau Field, but their parking lot is closed right now,” said Ryan Prueher.

So instead Prueher held his game day celebration at the Express Convenience Center off Oneida St., after the owners extended an invitation.

“They said ‘Hey, normally we park cars, we’re not going to be able to charge anyone for that anyways,” said Prueher. “If you want to set up in our lot, if you want to have some fun, we know you guys will be respectful and good. So let’s have some sort of game day environment, let’s just try to have some fun, some semblance of normalcy.’”

Prueher started setting up at 6:30 in the morning, bring a couch, TVs, a speaking system, and plenty of drinks.

Though it may not be the typical setting, but it’s something.

“It’s game day, it’s Green Bay, It’s Lambeau field. Even if you’re just across the street form it it’s something, gives you a reason to get excited,” said Prueher.

That’s something he says people can use more of during the pandemic. He plans to host a tailgate for all future home games, and possibly some away games as well depending on weather.

“[With] this you can keep your distance as much as you want around here, it’s a lot cheaper than the bar,” said Prueher.

Though cheaper, plenty of people went to bars like Stadium View to watch the game, taking advantage of outdoor seating.

“I feel comfortable, I don’t think I’d sit inside at all,” said Terrie DuBois, a Packers season ticket holder.

Fans like Terrie DuBois aren’t happy about the lack of access to home games, but plan to celebrate the Packers however they can.

“Home games are going to be hard because the tailgating piece of it, that will be difficult,” said DuBois. “But I think when you’re around a group of people, especially here, the energy is similar.”

“It’s going to suck that there’s no tailgating at Lambeau, but we’re the fans so I guess we make the football what it is,” said Cole Peters, another fan at Stadium View.

Even with alternative celebrations this season, fans are ready to back the green and gold.

“I’m glad the season is starting and I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl,” said DuBois.

“Go Pack go,” said Prueher.

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