Linked Living Homes providing new living option for families

Published: Sep. 3, 2020 at 5:22 PM CDT
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NEW LONDON, Wis. (WBAY) - It’s been a year since a Kaukauna-based company shared its plans to offer a new housing option in the area.

At first it was the bare bones of an idea, but by early this year Seniors First Remodeling showcased an initial model of a Linked Living Home.

Now, they have families putting them to use.

“It looks like it’s always been here,” said Mary Swifka.

Noah Swifka-Sauers has plenty of reasons to like his home. It gives him his own kitchenette, bathroom, and ultimately his own living space.

“It’s yeah, good,” said Noah Swifka-Sauers.

One purpose of Linked Living homes is to give people with special needs like Noah that independent space.

The homes are added onto an existing home with their own entrance, but are also connected to the main house through a hallway or “link”.

“This is like the best of both worlds,” said Mary, Noah’s mom. “He’s got his own place, he’s right next door to us. We can help him in the evenings and weekends and then he has his paid support during the week.”

“We spent a lot of time networking with many people and they all see the need for this and how it can lead people to live better, and that’s what we want to do,” said Seniors First Remodeling Owner Tom Cops.

Seniors First Remodeling works to customize each Linked Living Home as much as possible.

“I like the fact that they really listened to Noah, to his desires, helped him feel that his opinions were important and valued,” said Mary.

They even got him a personalized doorbell ring: the Jeopardy theme song.

“Being able to do that little personal touch for them, I think is just kind of an extra plus on our side because we know how exciting it is to see a smiling face when just a little detail of the house makes such a big impact on their life,” said Megan Cops, Marketing and Communications for the company.

The company is already in production on more homes and are hopeful the impact they can make continues to grow.

“Oh, we’re really happy,” said Mary. “I mean the point of this is to help Noah, and anybody with disabilities, live as independently as possible.”

“Having Linked Living Homes as an option to keep your loved ones near you at this crazy time I think is just really exciting for us, because we want to help, and we want to show our support in keeping families together,” said Megan.

To learn more about Linked Living Homes, visit the company’s website.

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