Teen charged in Kenosha shootings delays extradition to Wisconsin

Kyle Ritenhouse
Kyle Ritenhouse(CNN VAN)
Published: Aug. 28, 2020 at 9:39 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 28, 2020 at 4:53 PM CDT
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KENOSHA, Wis. (WBAY) - An Illinois teen charged in fatal shootings during unrest in Kenosha will not be immediately extradited to Wisconsin.

Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was scheduled to appear before a judge in Illinois Friday for an extradition status hearing. Rittenhouse did not appear at the hearing. He’s not waiving his extradition proceedings. Rittenhouse’s public defender says that decision allows his client to meet with a private attorney before being transported to Wisconsin to face charges.

An extradition hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 25.

A self-described Christian fundraising site, GiveSendGo, said on Friday it has raised more than $100,000 for Rittenhouse’s defense.

He was formally charged in Wisconsin on Thursday with 1st Degree Intentional Homicide, 1st Degree Reckless Homicide, 1st Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, Attempted 1st Degree Intentional Homicide, and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Person Under 18.

Wisconsin allows gun owners to openly carry in public, but a person under 18 can’t legally possess or carry a firearm unless that person is hunting or target practicing with an adult or in the military.

Rittenhouse said he had traveled to Kenosha to “protect” businesses in the city during the violence sparked by Sunday’s shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake by Kenosha Police Officer Rusten Sheskey. CLICK HERE for the latest on the Jacob Blake investigation. He turned himself in to police in his hometown of Antioch, Ill.

Kenosha Police Chief Dan Miskinis told reporters Friday that he had no details on how Rittenhouse got the assault rifle he’s accused of using. One of Rittenhouse’s attorneys tweeted it belonged to a friend.

Rittenhouse attorney Lin Wood said Thursday that the teenager was acting in self-defense. “Kyle is an innocent boy who justifiably exercised his fundamental right of self-defense. In doing so, he likely saved his own life and possibly the lives of others,” said Wood. CLICK HERE to read Wisconsin’s self-defense law.

A criminal complaint obtained by Action 2 News charges Rittenhouse with intentionally killing Anthony M. Huber, 26, Silver Lake, and recklessly causing the death of Joseph D. Rosenbaum, 36, Kenosha.

Rittenhouse is accused of trying to kill Gaige P. Grosskreutz, and endangering the safety of Daily Caller reporter Richie McGinnis and an unknown male.

Events unfolded on the night of Tuesday, Aug. 25. At about 11:45 p.m., police were called to a report of a shooting at the northwest corner of 63rd St and Sheridan Road. Officers located gunshot victim Joseph Rosenbaum. He was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead.

Police reviewed several videos of the shooting. In the first video, Rittenhouse is seen running southwest across the eastern portion of a parking lot. He’s holding a long gun, which was later determined to be a Smith & Wesson AR-15 style .223 rifle. The magazine holds 30 rounds of ammunition. The video shows Rosenbaum following Rittenhouse and reporter McGinnis trailing behind them.

As they cross the parking lot, Rosenbeaum “appears to throw an object at” Rittenhouse, according to the complaint. That object was later identified as a plastic bag.

Rosenbaum appears to be unarmed during the video. A second video show Rittenhouse and Rosenbaum moving across the parking lot. They approach the front of a car. A loud bang is heard. “Rosenbaum appears to continue to approach the defendant and gets in near proximity to the defendant when four more loud bangs are heard. Rosenbaum then falls to the ground,” reads the complaint.

Rittenhouse circles behind the car and approaches Rosenbaum, who is on the ground. Reporter Rich McGinnis removes his shirt and attempts to help Rosenbaum.

Rittenhouse gets on his cell phone and appears to place a call.

Rittenhouse turns and begins to run away from the scene. He can be heard saying, “I just killed somebody.”

Before the shooting, reporter Rich McGinnis had been interviewing Rittenhouse. He told investigators that Rittenhouse “was not handling the weapon very well.”

McGinnis stated he saw Rosenbaum “initially try to engage the defendant.” The reporter stated that Rosenbaum advanced and Rittenhouse did a “juke move” and started running. McGinnis says there “were other people that were moving very quickly.” He saw them moving towards Rittenhouse. He believed that Rittenhouse was “trying to evade these individuals,” reads the complaint.

As Rittenhouse reached the car in the parking not, he had the “gun in a low ready position.” It was raised but pointed down. McGinnis saw Rittenhouse bring the gun up and fire what he believed to be three rounds in rapid succession. The reporter stated the first round went into the ground. Rittenhouse aimed at Rosenbaum, who was unarmed. McGinnis said Rosenbaum “was trying to get the defendant’s gun.”

McGinnis said he was behind and slightly to the right of Rosenbaum and in the line of fire when Rittenhouse fired.

McGinnis stated that Rosenbaum “definitely made a motion that he was trying to grab the barrel of the gun.” McGinnis stated Rittenhouse pulled it away and raised it. Rittenhouse fired. McGinnis believed that Rosenbaum had leaned in toward Rittenhouse.

After Rittenhouse fired, he ran back toward the middle of the road, according to McGinnis. McGinnis heard shots “really soon after.”

A third video obtained by investigators shows Rittenhouse running north on Sheridan Road after shooting Rosenbaum.

The complaint reads, “The street and the sidewalk are full of people. A group of several people begin running northbound on Sheridan Road behind the defendant. A person can be heard yelling what sounds like, ‘beat him up!’ Another person can be heard yelling what sounds like, ‘Hey, he shot him!’”

A fourth video shows a different angle of Rittenhouse running north. A person in the video is heard yelling “Get him! Get that dude!” A man runs toward Rittenhouse and appears to swing at him with his right arm. Rittenhouse’s hat is knocked off. He continues running north.

A person can be heard saying, “What’d he do?” Another person responds, “Just shot someone.”

A voice yells “Get his ass!” Rittenhouse trips and falls to the ground.

A man later identified as Anthony Huber approaches Rittenhouse. Huber has a skateboard in his hand.

The complaint reads, “When Huber reaches the defendant it appears that he is reaching for the defendant’s gun with his left hand as the skateboard makes contact with the defendant’s left shoulder. Huber appears to be trying to pull the gun away from the defendant. The defendant rolls towards his left side and as Huber appears to be trying to grab the gun the gun is pointed at Huber’s body. The defendant then fires one round which can be heard on the video. Huber staggers away, taking several steps, then collapses to the ground.”

After shooting Huber, Rittenhouse moves to a seated position and points his gun at the approaching Gaige Grosskreutz. When Rittenhouse shoots Huber, Grosskreutz “freezes and ducks and takes a step back.”

Grosskreutz puts his hands in the air and moves towards Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse aims and fires at Grosskreutz, hitting him in the right arm.

“Grosskreutz appears to be holding a handgun in his right hand when he was shot,” reads the complaint. “Grosskreutz then runs southbound away from the defendant screaming for a medic and the defendant gets up and starts walking northbound.”

Rittenhouse turns around with the gun in a “ready position, pointed towards the people in the roadway.”

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office autopsy found Rosenbaum was shot in the groin, the back, the left hand, and the left thigh. A bullet grazed his forehead.

Huber had a gunshot wound to his chest “that perforated his heart, aorta, pulmonary artery, and right lung.”

One of Rittenhouse’s friends stated that Rittenhouse had called him at 11:46 p.m. and said he killed someone.

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