Protesters in Fond du Lac call for justice for Jacob Blake

Published: Aug. 24, 2020 at 5:10 PM CDT
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FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) - A small group in Fond du Lac gathered Monday afternoon to call for justice for Jacob Blake. Blake was shot multiple times by a Kenosha police officer during an incident Sunday night. Video of the shooting has spread online.

“It’s just absolutely disgusting,” said Morgan Johnson.

Johnson organized the event after seeing the video of what happened to Blake, seeing it as another example of police brutality.

“I feel like we need to get our voices heard again because it seemed like after George Floyd and Breonna Taylor died that Black Lives Matter was just a trend, but Black lives matter every single day,” said Johnson.

“As soon as we think that things are getting better, that we’re going to see change, it happens again -- and it needs to stop,” said Devin Elizabeth, one of the protesters at the event.

The demonstration was also a call for justice, with many protesters hoping to see the Kenosha officers involved fired and the one who shot Blake charged with attempted homicide.

“I feel like the situation could’ve been handled a lot differently. The use of force was not needed. It was just sad and disappointing,” said Taylor, another protester.

“It’s wrong. It is wrong. Whatever he did did not justify being shot seven times in front of his children. That is not right,” said Elizabeth. “There’s other ways to go around that. Police know better than to do that.”

But Johnson has seen in comments online that not everyone feels the same.

“They kept saying ‘He shouldn’t have been resisting.’ Resisting is not grounds to be executed by the police,” said Johnson.

For Johnson, it was important to host a protest not just as a call for justice or to spread awareness about police brutality and systematic racism but because racism has impacted her life personally as a Black woman and mother of a Black son.

“Like that’s all I think about at night time is, like, the fact that I have to tell him that he has to keep his hands up and stay still when an officer is around,” said Johnson. “He is three years old and he’s already afraid of the police because of what he’s seen on the news.”

Johnson and other protesters hope the demonstration will be able to convince some that change is needed.

“Obviously we’re not being heard enough, because Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still out free. Two of George Floyd’s murderers are out free and walking around. It’s ridiculous, and something needs to change. It needs to change within us as a people and it also needs to change in the government as well,” said Johnson. “People having these protests and having our voices heard, it’s got to get through to people some way.”

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