“Quarantined - The Art Sale” in Appleton promotes local artists during pandemic

Published: Jul. 18, 2020 at 7:20 PM CDT
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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Investing in artwork may not be on everyone’s top of mind during a pandemic, but for many artists it’s their livelihood.

“Our income has been cut off,” said Paul Eldridge, an artist and co-producer of Art News of Northeastern Wisconsin (ANNEW).

For many local artists, the cancellation of summer shows due to the pandemic is a huge blow to their income.

“Summer is like Black Friday for artists because that’s where we go. 90 percent of our income comes from going to those fairs and festivals,” said Eldridge.

So Eldridge and Foxley’s Art and Framing Owner Eric Miller came up with a different way to promote local art.

“A bunch of my artist friends were selling their stuff online for incredible prices, so I was talking with Eric and he said ‘Hey, let’s open up the gallery and we can all do it together,’” said Eldridge.

“Normally I have 3,000 prints here in the gallery and we decided just, clear it all out, and make room for the local artists,” said Miller.

The Appleton gallery’s “Quarantined – The Art Sale” features paintings, photography, sculptures and more at reduced prices from more than 30 northeast Wisconsin artists.

“Most of my joy, happiness, comes from all of the artists getting together and we’re just here supporting one another,” said Eldridge.

So far, support has been strong.

“We’re just overwhelmed with the amount of people that have been coming in and actually purchasing pieces from the artist,” said Miller.

Pieces that not only support local art, but give people a chance to invest in something with different strokes.

“Your money is staying here locally, you know what I mean? It’s helping everyone,” said Eldridge. “Plus, you get a unique piece that speaks more about your than something you got that’s mass produced.”

The sale runs until August 29th. Learn more at the Foxley’s Art and Framing website.

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