Wisconsin GOP holds state convention in Green Bay

The Republican Party of Wisconsin holding its annual state convention in Green Bay this weekend.
With the pandemic ongoing, the Presidential campaign stops have slowed a bit to prevent the spread of the virus, but now both sides of the aisle are ramping up.
Published: Jul. 11, 2020 at 6:23 PM CDT
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Since COVID-19 numbers began to rise, presidential campaign stops slowed a bit, but both sides of the aisle are now ramping up efforts ahead of November.

Cheers filled the room at the KI Convention Center as the Republican Party of Wisconsin held its annual state convention.

“There are a lot of people here who are very excited to support President Donald Trump,” Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin Mark Jefferson said. “That’s why they wanted to have a convention. They wanted to have it in person.”

Local members of the Democratic Party said they wish Republicans would’ve held their convention online amidst the pandemic.

“We’ve all sacrificed and it’s really unfortunate that Republicans feel that they don’t need to sacrifice as well,” Rep. Amanda Stuck (D-Appleton) said.

Despite concerns surrounding the coronavirus, The Republican Party said the time is now to focus on getting the country back.

“Part of this of course is reopening the economy, so that Americans can get back to work,” Senior Advisor for Trump Election Campaign Mercedes Schlapp said.

On the foot of many protests across the nation, demanding change within police departments, Schlapp said President Trump will always stand by police officers.

“Do we want to be the next Chicago?” Schlapp asked. “Do we want to be the next Minneapolis?” “Then we need to ensure that our police departments have the resources they need to do their jobs.”

It’s that message, Jefferson wants to promote throughout the state by campaigning.

“So whether it’s in a more urban area of the state or the more rural areas of the state, we’re going to have more people on the ground,” Jefferson said. “We’re going to have the best data that we’ve ever had.”

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