Two Rivers man charged with bar robbery foiled by patrons

Jesus Flores is scheduled to make his initial appearance Monday
Prosecutors say Jesus Flores was robbing a bar in Manitowoc on June 20, 2020, when the bar patrons fought back
Prosecutors say Jesus Flores was robbing a bar in Manitowoc on June 20, 2020, when the bar patrons fought back(Manitowoc County Jail)
Published: Jul. 6, 2020 at 12:28 PM CDT
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MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) - A man accused of trying to rob a Manitowoc bar and its patrons at gunpoint -- until the patrons fought back -- is scheduled to make his initial appearance in Manitowoc County court Monday.

The criminal complaint from prosecutors says Jesus Flores Jr., 21, had a couple of drinks at a bar on Madison St. the night of June 20. He and a friend left and came back 30 minutes later wearing black face masks, but the bartender says she recognized them immediately because they were just in the bar. She said Flores demanded money.

One bar patron pulled out a knife. Flores pointed the gun at him and threatened to shoot him. The man put the knife down on a barstool. Flores then went down the length of the bar, pointing his gun at each patron and taking their money, wallets and phones. One patron feigned reaching for his wallet when he grabbed Flores’ forearm and pushed the gun up toward the ceiling and knocked the gun out of Flores’ hand. Other patrons then rushed Flores.

When police arrived, three men had Flores pinned to the pool table and a woman was holding a pool stick over his head.

When an officer tried to take him into custody, Flores managed to pull away and ignored orders to stop resisting arrest. The officer shocked him with a stun gun but it was ineffective. Other officers came in, stunned him again, and managed to get handcuffs on him. When they got him to the squad car he eventually stopped resisting and was checked by a rescue squad for multiple cuts above his eyebrows and blood from his nose and mouth.

Officers asked who had the gun, and a man in the bar handed it over. It was a pellet gun.

Flores’ friend had fled the bar. Witnesses said he didn’t take any of the money and only seemed to be following Flores. Flores refused to identify his accomplice.

Police say one of the bar patrons who tried to grab Flores’ friend before he left had a significant amount of blood from Flores biting him during the fight. The victim said he didn’t want to press charges against Flores for biting him.

The 21-year-old Two Rivers man is charged with six counts of armed robbery, one count of attempted armed robbery, resisting an officer, and misdemeanor bail jumping. Each robbery charge carries up to 40 years in prison.

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