Police solve bizarre burglary involving TVs and a taxi

The arrest is helping solve other burglary cases, police say
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 5:03 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A bizarre burglary case in Green Bay landed one man in jail after police say he called for a tax to help him transport the TVs he was stealing.

On Monday morning, police received a call from a 9th Street property owner saying two of her properties were burglarized and six brand-new, 50-inch TVs were missing -- only empty boxes and manuals remained.

Not long into their investigation, after a few phone calls, officers found out the suspected burglar had help getting those TVs out of the neighborhood.

“There were two cab companies that were called,” Green Bay Police Capt. Ben Allen said. “The first one got there and refused because they probably thought something was up, and the second one, it’s at an apartment, not uncommon that people are moving out. I think the uncommon piece was maybe the six TVs that were loaded in, and she did tell us it seemed odd.”

Allen says the cab driver was cooperative when she realized what happened and helped lead investigators to a property on E. Mason St. where they believe 30-year-old Travariss Norwood took those stolen items.

By late afternoon they served a search warrant there and found what they describe was a large amount of marijuana, cash and a firearm, leading to a second arrest.

But they didn’t find the TVs.

“There is a time delay where they certainly could have put them somewhere else, already sold them off. We’re checking with our local pawn stores to see if anything has been sold there,” Allen said.

Allen said as investigators look closer at Norwood, who has prior theft and forgery charges, they’re connecting him to even more recent burglaries in the city.

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