Political Science professor: Presidential politics starting earlier this year

President Trump's visit on Thursday will mark the second White House visit to Wisconsin this week after Vice President's visit on Tuesday.
Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 5:54 PM CDT
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DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - President Trump’s visit to Northeast Wisconsin tomorrow will likely be the first of many between now and November, both for the President and his challenger former Vice President Joe Biden.

St. Norbert College Political Science Professor Charley Jacobs says there's a reason why Presidential politics are kicking off earlier this election year.

"Typically we don't even think about the campaigns starting until after Labor Day, people come home from vacations, they start to pay attention again because their kids are in school and they have a routine, but there's no routine anymore and people aren't going on vacation, which may mean they're paying attention more," says Jacobs.

And Jacobs feels there's a clear strategy behind the President's visit tomorrow.

"He wants to engage the public in thinking about the benefits that have accrued in the United States because of his leadership on the economy and so I think because of some of the new contracts we're seeing up in Marinette, that this is a really great way to burnish his record and try to get people to re-focus from the issues related to the coronavirus and to some of the racial unrest we've been having to a different kind of subject," says Jacobs.

With Wisconsin once again one of the expected key swing states that will decide who will be President, Jacobs expects the Biden campaign to ramp up activity in the state soon.

“As Trump starts to leak out of the White House a little bit more and engage in these events, it’s going to be incumbent upon the Biden campaign to get him out and get him with the public because that’s how the energy comes to the campaign, and look, he out raised the Trump campaign in May but you can lose that momentum if people stop thinking about you,” says Jacobs.

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