VIDEO: 911 dispatchers need your location

The more details you can give, the faster emergency workers can find you

VIDEO: Exclusive- Convicted killer's former friends speak out

They wanted to help George Burch by bringing him to Green Bay -- where he killed a woman.

VIDEO: Kiel Police Chief, 'I'm not happy this happened'

The police chief says he is glad protocols and training worked as people feared a shooting outside the high school

VIDEO: Miracle League to let adults join

Miracle Leagues have been around for years now. Players are getting older.

VIDEO: George Burch's friends say he blindsided them

They brought George Burch to Green Bay to start a new life. Instead, he took one.

VIDEO: Students react to shooting scare

Kiel students say they only expect this to happen in bigger cities.

VIDEO: Kiel High School shooting scare

Police and the superintendent said procedures were properly followed even if no evidence was found.


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