Slender Man trial continues

Weier, now 15, sat nearby while the snippets of the interview were played on a large screen for jurors.

Mild start, wild end to weekend

Partly sunny Saturday. Rain, snow event expected late Sunday.

VIDEO: Judge considers Fitbit evidence in murder case

Prosecutors want to show Nicole VanderHeyden's boyfriend had an alibi as George Burch plans to blame him for the murder

VIDEO: Gift cards, trust fund support murder victim's children

Three children lost their parents in a murder-suicide

VIDEO: Flu patients, not typical flu symptoms

The flu outreak severity is high, but patients aren't sure they have the flu

VIDEO: Prosecutors fight to use Fitbit evidence in murder trial

A judge will decide if prosecutors can use it as evidence the murder victim's boyfriend was sleeping when she died

VIDEO: Breast cancer bill may save lives

Women would be told if their tissue density makes it harder to look for tumors


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