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Answers to Your HDTV Questions


Question: Do over the air tv broadcasts operate at 1080 or 720?  I have been confused and thought over the air broadcasts provided the best HDTV quality.

Answer: No broadcast channel currently broadcast in 1080P.  Here  is the list of
current channels.

2.1 - 720P
2.2 - 480I
2.3 - 480I
5.1 - 1080I
11.1 - 720P
26.1 - 1080I
32.1 - 720P
38.1 - 720P
38.2 - 480I
38.3 - 480I

There are a lot of factors that determine picture quality - resolution is
only a small part of that.  Over the air broadcasts are still one of the
best sources of picture available.

Question: I have been looking at new TVs. When you watch a plasma TV or a HD LCD the picture is great until things get moving, It looks like you can see the little color pic smearing across the screen. What do I look for? My old picture tube doesn't do this.

Answer: There are many factors that determine the picture quality of a digital TV: Type of processor, resolution, panel type, etc. I would recommend stopping in and so that we can go over the differences in detail with you. Thanks.

Question: What is the difference between LCD, DLP, and plasma televisions? What are the pros and cons of each? Are there any other flat-screen technologies?

Answer: The best way to answer that question in under 10,000 words would be for you to come into my store so that I could show you. We have all of those technologies plus OLED, Laservue, and LCOS on display.

Question: Two questions, what is the difference between 720p and 1080i? And what's the largest LCD TV available?

Answer: 720p stands for 720 horizontal lines scanned in progressive order (line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4, etc.). 1080i stands for 1080 horizontal lines scanned in interlaced order (first lines 1, 3, 5, etc. then lines 2, 4, 6, etc.).

The largest LCD is 65", the largest plasma is 103", and the largest DLP (digital light processing) TV is 82"

Question: We had a wonderful picture on our TV before the switch to digital TV, with an antenna. Now with the box we often have "no signal" come up; sometimes the picture is very scrambled or has lines through it; words in conversations are often skipped. Nearly decided we would have to go to cable to have a really good picture but a relative who has cable told us that her TV also does that. We know all is hooked up correctly and the antenna is the same as always when we got such good reception before this transition. Is there any solution or any boxes which work better. HDTV for us is a complete disappointment. We purchased our boxes from you. Thank you for any information you can give us.

Answer: Analog reception for channels 2 and 5 were VHF signals before the transition, now they are UHF signals.  Older antennas had a very large VHF section and a small UHF section.  We find that many people need to improve their UHF reception in order to consistently receive the digital signal. As for cable TV, they will fix any problems with their signal.

Question: At the beginning of August (since the big switch) we had TV reception. Sometime in August, we lost all reception. The antenna is about 30' above ground, we bought a new coax cable, we bought another converter box, 2 preamps, etc. We've tried various combinations of converter box with preamp, etc but we get absolutely no signal. We tried bypassing the preamp. That didn't work either. We live in the town of Breed, Oconto county. We've checked out and We should get some channels. I've read answers to other questions on the Channel 2 web site. One answer says antenna signal is a line of sight signal. We have tall trees in our area but if line of sight is true how come it worked in August? Could the antenna be bad? Would a "digital" antenna work better? We have spent MANY hours working on this and I'm a little hesitant to make the antenna higher. I'm afraid that won't work either. It seems odd that we have absolutely no signal at all. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Answer: Since you went from some signal to no signal there must be something wrong with either the antenna or the wiring. Getting an antenna to work perfectly is a very specialized task. We would use a signal meter starting at the antenna an work our way back to the TV to find out where the problem is occuring. We do offer service in your area if you would like us to help.

Question: Hi, I read in one of the other question and answer sections, that Pembine is out of WBAY's broadcast area. My brother and I set up a new 90 mile UHF and VHF antena this last weekend, (10/11) and we were receiving 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 along with 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3 around 7:00 pm. When you woke up the next morning around 7:00 am, we lost 2.2, 2.3, 11.2 and 11.3 and then around 9:00am, we lost every channel except 11.1. We do not have a ampifier or pream, yet. We also noticed, that the signals show that they are weak during the hours of 9:00am thru 5:00 pm. What would you recommend that we should do to keep the signal all day. We can get channel 13.1 if we turn the antenna facing northwest. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Answer: Antenna signal is a line-of-sight signal. Reception maps are based on an antenna being 30 feet above ground level. To receive signal outside of the normal area you need to put your antenna up higher. If you are able to put your antenna above the tree line and add a pre-amp you might have more consistent reception.

Question: I have an analog TV that is utilzing a DTV converter box. We are receiving good picture quality, but high static in our sound. In particular, if graphics are displayed, (ie; moving arrows during a weather presentation), the static is deafining. Any Suggestions?

Answer: I have not seen that symptom. It sounds like a tuner issue. Try connecting the DTV box directly to the TV via the Audio/Video inputs instead of using Channel 3/4.

Question: How is DIGITAL RECEPTION SO BAD? The screen is shorter & your ads cover at least one fourth of the screen! Why is this happening?

Answer: If you are using an analog TV with a set-top box, make sure that you have the box set up for a 4:3 screen.

Question: I used to be able to get Channel 2 TV Station when I was up north in our cottage. I have an antenna and I purchased the new converter. However, I cannot get your station. Why? What do I need to do?

Answer: Without knowing your exact location, many people with cottages up north have older antennas with no or very small UHF sections. They also have splitters and amplifiers with limited bandwidth. So the first thing to check is the type of antenna and everything in-between the antenna and the TV to make sure that it will work with UHF HDTV. Try entering in your cottage address at and see what they show for signal strength at your cottage.

Question: I have an analog TV with a Zenith converter box and a rooftop antenna. Signal strength for most channels is in the 70-90% range in most conditions. I get intermittent static which builds for a few seconds; the picture pixelates and the sound drops out. Signal strength remains high during these episodes. All channels are affected during the episodes, but some channels just get the static while others lose the picture and sound.

This happens with different TVs, boxes, and cords. I've also checked and tightened the connections at the antenna. Any suggestions?

Answer: This sounds like some type of electrical interference. If it happens at regular intervals, try turning off all other breakers in your home and see if it still happens. If it still does it with nothing else turned on on your property contact the electric company and tell them that you are picking up an electrical interference. They will normally check for problems in your area. I hope this helps.

Question: I have broadband Internet on computer. If I get TV through my computer how will that affect my bill on Internet usage? Will I be using part of my allowed usage and have to pay more?

Answer: If you pay per usage it will definitely use more bandwidth and increase your bill, yes.

Question: After the power went out my Magnavox DTV randomly moves through channels without staying on any one particular.

Answer: It probably got hit by lightning. Try unpluging it for 10 minutes to reset it.

Question: Only during the news we get a big black box covering 75% of the screen it will go away by turning the volume up or down, but automatically returns when they start speaking again. Why is this and how can I fix it? We love the channel 2 news but this is very annoying so we change the channel. HELP!!

Answer: This problem is caused by the closed caption text being turned on. Depending on the TV, you can turn it off by going into one of the menus from the remote control.

Question: I have property in Pembine WI, and have been working to get DTV clearly. On the weekend of June 27, w/box and 2 year old TV, I had 16 clear as a bell TV channels. 3 weeks later, I had nothing. I've tried repositioning the antenna and re-scanning to no solution. I added 5 more feet to the mast (now 22') and this last Friday got only the 3 2's. then on Sunday, nothing again. Any suggestions?

Answer: Pembine is outside of the normal coverage area. When you get lucky and receive signal it is probably because of some "bounce" you are getting from the atmosphere. The only way to get reliable reception would be a satellite service.

Question: I have a 50" flat screen. Why is it that when I'm watching national news the picture fills the screen completely. When I'm watching the local news, channel does not matter, I have a smaller aspect ratio with black bars on both sides?

Answer: The national news is broadcast in High Definition. The local news is broadcast in a 4:3 Standard definition.

Question: I just watched your explaination of what to do and what to purchase. You said it will work as the many others have. BUT I have a seasonal place in the U.P. of MI, 20 miles North of Menominee, MI. Guess what? It doesn't work. At all. So what is the problem. No signal is what the box tells me but what does that mean? Before the actual switch over I was getting good signal only in the morning then after the switch Nada Zip Zilch. Let me know at either e-mail address before I go to cable.

Answer: Your location is out of the normal coverage area. With new growth on trees it probably has weakened your signal too much. Your only choice would be to try a larger antenna and get it higher in the air.

Question: I have a cottage about 15 miles nothwest of Crivitz. I have a new 37" HD digital LCD TV. What do I need, to get the over the air stations. I know a lot of people having problems in northern Wisconsin getting the digital signal. I have to watch my Packer games.

Answer: We sell a two piece UHF / VHF antenna that we have had some luck with in your area. It depends on how high you can get the antennas and what the surrounding terrain is like at your location.

Question: We have an HDTV receiver thru DirectTV. On the directory, we used to get more local channels - 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 - like WBAY RTN... we no longer receive them...why?

Answer: Did you change your receiver? Some of the older HD receivers had an over-the-air digital tuner built-in. The new ones do not. You might have been receiving these channes over the air through your Directv receiver.

Currently Directv only rebroadcasts the main local channels. You would need to add an antenna system and a digital tuner to receive the additional local channels.

Question: My mother has a new digital TV. Yesterday I did a re-scan -- it picked up all local channels except channel 2. I did the re-scan a second time and it was the same. What do you suggest we do to pick up channel 2?

Answer: You will need to manually add ch. 2 by entering channel 23 and seeing if the tuner locks in on the signal. If it does notm you could try moving the box to a known good location for the digital signal and rescanning the box there and then taking the box back to your mother's house.@

Question: I'm in Lakewood, WI, which isn't supposed to receive any digital channels. (Thanks for nothing FCC. Appreciate the change.) However, after the switch in February, I was getting WBAY's 3 digital channels, Fox's digital channel and a few other weaker signals. All except Fox went away 3 or 4 weeks later. When I called to inquire what was going on, I was told it might be because they weren't at full power due to the simultaneous analog broadcast and that full power would be restored after the June cutover. Well, that didn't happen and all I can get is Fox. So what gives? Why were the broadcasts coming in VERY strongly in Feb/March? Have they cut the signal back or what? Trees were not leafing out in March, so that's not the issue. If Fox can get a signal up here, the other stations ought to be able to as well.

Answer: First of all there was no switch on Ch. 2 and 11 in February. Those two channels did not change anything until June 12. Fox now broadcasts on VHF 11, which is a good frequency for reception. All of the other channels use UHF frequencies. Channel 2 is broadcast on UHF 23. The best thing to try would be using a larger UHF antenna and putting it up as high as possible. Set your tuner to channel 2-1 if it's tuned in or ch. 23 if it isn't and use the signal strength meter on your TV to tune your antenna.

Question: TV is HDTV digital already, having hard time keeping signals. Been turning antenna. I have to re-scan almost daily to keep channels scanned. Any advice?

Answer: First, you should not have to rescan on a daily basis, the TV should remember what channels are in the memory. This might be a failure of your TV. What is the Make and Model of your TV? Second, Where do you live? Have you entered your home address into to see what channels you should receive?

Question: I am 65 miles north of Green Bay. What antenna should I buy for digital TV?

Answer: I would recommend an Antennacraft HBC44 with a pre-amp. We have them in stock.

Question: Could you please tell me where I can get a converter box for my car's 12 volt.

Answer: A regular converter box will work. You will also need a DC to AC converter to plug it into.

Question: Before the digital switch we were receiving 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3. Now after the switch we are not receiving 2-1. Any ideas why? It keeps searching for signal.

Answer: What does the signal strength meter show? If it show some signal then you need to work on your antenna reception. If it show no signal then you might have to enter the channel back in manually by going to channel 23.

Question: I have a TV (Sansui) with VCR and DVD built in. I have an antenna. Yes we got the converter box. My question is this: I have a bunch of VCR tapes that were taped off the TV before the switch was made. Are all those junk or will I be able to see them? I have tried to see them but get nothing. Also, what about the VCR tapes of movies that I bought at the store? Are they good to watch yet? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Answer: Yes you will be able to watch your old tapes and movies. You will just have to connect your VCR between the Converter box and your TV. Or connect your VCR to a separate input if your TV has one.

Question: I was receiving PBS stations on digital TV sets prior to the digital conversion. I have rescanned all my sets but no PBS. All other stations come in fine.

Answer: When you rescanned the signal was too weak to receive. You will have to add it manually. It is on frequency 42. Depending on your TV you should be able to enter the channel (e.g., 38-1) or the frequency (42) manually.

Question: I am getting 2/5/11/26+ quite well sometimes. My antenna is obviously borderline (Sister Bay). There seems to be a difference between night & day, or maybe when it's cloudy vs. clear, or maybe both. Does this make sense?

Answer: Yes. Weather plays a big role in marginal reception. Getting your antenna up higher and/or getting a larger antenna will also help.

Question: My digital TV lost color when the switch occurred. I have cable.

Answer: Call your cable provider. The problem is on their end.

Question: I have been able to get channel 2 in digital channels ever since I bought a convertor box and I also have a new TV. In the last week I can not get it all the time. What's up? I live 5 miles west of Neshkoro and have boosters and an older antenna. I'm able to get channals out of Madison with the antenna pointed to Green Bay. Please Help.

Answer: You are on the fringe of coverage. When the trees leaf out it blocks some of the reception thus causing your tuner to not lock in on the signal. You could try putting a larger antenna up higher.

Question: We have had a converter box for a few months now and there were times Channel 5 would not come through. We get better reception without the converter box, except for Channel 2. We get three stations from them. In fact, before, Channel 2 was the worst for reception, but not now. What is different - their tower? the direction? We live in rural Crivitz and I found something on the computer that evaluated reception and our zip code for Green Bay stations listed us as "weak"!

Answer: Yes, you are in a weak coverage area. And Channel 5's new tower was moved to the south and their coverage area moved south with that change. In order to consistently receive signal you will have to get your antenna up higher and use a larger antenna. You may also need a pre-amplifier.

Question: We live in Appleton but have a vacation home in Goodman, Wisconsin. Goodman is located about 100 miles North of Green Bay. I have heard rumors that the digital signal from the Green Bay stations will not reach the Goodman area. Is this true?

Answer: Goodman is not in the coverage area for Green Bay DTV stations. Your best bet will be Directv or Dish network.

Question: We have a home in Black Creek and Baileys Harbor. We were getting excellent reception. About 2 weeks ago, we started to lose reception. Did you change something and will it get better shortly?

Answer: Leaves on trees in wooded areas affect reception. To improve your reception you will need to raise the antenna higher or move it so that it doesn't point through as many trees.

Question: Hi. I live on the south side of Oshkosh and I'm in need of a new antenna for my house. Can you help me? Four TVs. And as long as I'm at it, I would like to have it for digital signal. It will go up on my roof.

Answer: We have a number of antennas that will work in your area. Please stop in and we can go through the differences with you.

Question: I have antenna TV with a digital converter box. How do record my shows with a VCR now, or what can I do to be able to record again my shows with a antenna with a converter box? Thanks.

Answer: The easiest way is to connect the converter box to your VCR. Set your VCR to Ch. 3. and press record. If you want to watch one channel and record something else you should purchase a Recorder with a digital tuner built-in. We sell a DVD/VHS combo recorder from LG.

Question: I have TVs hooked up to digital boxes and separate unit VCRs. My question is regarding channel 5. It comes thru the TV OK but thru the VCR all I get is a blue screen. Why?

Answer: Channel 5 is no longer transmitting analog. You will need to connect your converter box to your VCR to record Channel 5.

Question: My great Aunt has a digital TV and I rescanned it and she says that a black box is in the middle of the screen on channels 2 and 5 in the morning. She says all you can see is the top of the screen. she says after the news is done, the box is gone. I was there Saturday morning after the news was over with and there was no black box in the middle of the screen. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?

Answer: The black box is from closed caption. You will have to look in the menu on your TV for closed caption and turn the feature off.

Question: What is this digital TV thing about? What does it help with? Please answer ASAP!

Answer: Any remaining analog over the air channels will stop broadcasting on June 12, 2009. If you receive your channels from an over-the-air antenna you will need to add a set-top converter to any analog TVs that you have. If you are on cable TV or Satellite you don't have to do anything.

Question: I have a summer cottage about 10 miles west of Crivitz. According to I have no signal available for DTV. Up until this year I had no problems receiving analog signals from Green Bay on the VHF band. Can your recomend a stronger VHF/UHF outside antenna for my location or am I out of luck?

Answer: You are in a fringe reception area. If you can get above the tree line you should be able to receive some of the Green Bay channels. If you are in a low area you might be out of luck.

Question: We have analog TV with the box and an antenna. We are experiencing a big black rectangle on WBAY local programs?

Answer: The box is from the closed caption system on your set-top box. Open the menu on your set-top box and turn off the closed caption features.

Question: On one box I can 't use it to view channel 11 & 26 even after a scan? When I'm watching 5 with the box on a black box will come on almost the size of the TV screen. There's about an inch around that I can see and hear what's on the channel. Any idea why this happens? Thank you.

Answer: The black box is from the closed caption settings on the box. Reception on channels will vary by location. may help you optimize how to point your antenna.

Question: Is the DTV signal as strong as the old analog signal?

Answer: The digital signal is as strong as the analog signal. The difference is that when the TV doesn't receive a "Good" digital signal it cannot lock on to the digital signal and you will get no picture. With analog you would still see some picture with interference.

Question: My Sony DVR has an on-screen TV guide that it gets information from a local analog PBS TV station which has stopped transmitting. Now with the switch to digital TV which of the local Green Bay digital station will be transmitting the TV guide data?

Answer: If the unit relies on an analog signal for TV guide it will no longer get a TV guide. If it can receive digital, you can still receive a guide from the PBS station.

Question: I have a cabin in the Marinette County Forest about 75 miles north of Green Bay. It doesn't look like I will be able to receive digital signals due to the distance from G.B. Will there ever be a stronger signal?

Answer: Most stations are already at full power. Satellite will be your best option.

Question: Hi. I have a problem. My digital converter and TV receive 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 5.1 til about 12:30 pm then signal is lost. 2:30 am can get 14. I have a large antenna about 9 ft long. My other building has much shorter one and rec. all fine which is about 75 ft away/ at Kelly Lake 43 miles north of GB. and the cabin at White Potato Lake can't get a signal.

Answer: Reception is line-of-sight. It is common that one person receives a good signal and their next-door neighbor doesn't. If all of the connections are good and there isn't any splitter / amplifier in line, I would run a line to the other building and use that antenna with a pre-amplifier.

Question: Do you have any 22-inch to 19-inch HD with a DVD installed in the TV?

Answer: We have them available however for residential applications we recommend separate units because LCD TV's are designed to last 15 years and the DVD players are designed to last 5 years. You also save money buying 2 separate units.

Question: I live in Mishicot. I am presently using a roof antenna for our TV signal. I do have converter boxes installed on all 4 TV's we have and we are able to receive signals from all Green Bay stations except FOX 11 thru the boxes. With box disconnected FOX 11 does come in but is a fuzzy picture. What could be the problem with no picture thru converter box when there is a signal without?

Answer: Fox 11 is currently broadcast on UHF 51. If your signal splitter in your house is only a 450MHz splitter it will filter out the higher UHF channels like Fox 11. Therefore check all splitters and amplifiers in your antenna system and replace any older splitters with new 2 GHz splitters and amplifiers. [Editor's Note: WLUK has said it intends to move its digital signal to VHF channel 11 after the digital transition deadline.]

Question: I have a TV in my car which is 12 volt. Where can I get a converter box for it? Thanks.

Answer: We offer converter boxes that will work in your car.

Question: Hi Guys. I have a new HDTV, and I would like to know how I can record a program on digital to my VCR? If I click on the digital then I can't play my VCR. Hope you can give me some answers.

Answer: In order to record digital programming you will need a separate DTV tuner to connect to your VCR. For playback you should connect your VCR directly to a Audio/Video input on your TV (see the next question).

Question: How do you set up a VHS recorder -- with D.T. or after the converter? I have tried many different ways and still can't do it. HELP.

Answer: The best way to connect a VCR to a converter box is to use the A/V cables. Connect the Audio / Video output on the converter box to the Audio/Video input on the VCR. Set the VCR to the Audio/Video input ("line in") -- you will set the channel through your converter box.

Question: Why am I getting the 3 channels of channel 2 DTV, but can't get the other Green Bay stations? Channel 2 comes in clear as can be, the other stations just have a blue screen. Any suggestions you have would really be appreciated. Thank you! I have a TV with a digital tuner, also a VCR/DVD player with digital tuner.

Answer: Reception will vary by location. First go to the website, enter your address,and see what channels you should receive. If you should be receiving the channels then contact us regarding the type of antenna that you are using.

Question: I live in Sister Bay (SB). Although I receive several GB analog channels quite well, I was sorry to discover channel 5's digital coverage excluded SB. I have received 2's occasional digital signals very well. Will that coverage change after the 6-12-09 switch? Hope not.

Answer: Most channels are at full power. If you have the ability to get your antenna higher and use a larger UHF antenna, you might be able to receive the signal. If you are in the lower elevation area in Sister Bay you are probably out of luck, then your choice would be DirecTV.

Question: We got a new TV and switched to HD on the dish. Ever since, we get Channel 2 but it freezes every few seconds and then we get a green screen and it has to rescan to get the dish again. All other Green Bay stations come in fine, it's only channel 2 we have a problem with (receiving Channel 2 through antenna).

Answer: You will have to improve your antenna signal by re-aiming your antenna, raising your antenna higher, and/or increasing the size of your antenna.

Question: I have a friend in the Waupaca area that has a problem receiving digital signals. On clear days the signal may be strong enough but on foggy days or stormy days the picture breaks up or no signal at all. UHF antenna located outside. People living in the fringe area will have a lot to complain about when TV stations do the switch. I live in Oshkosh and have the same problem. What do you suggest?

Answer: You will need to improve your antenna signal to minimize the problem. Use the highest gain antenna, mount it as high as you can, and use a pre-amp. However, some locations will still not receive the signal consistently.

Question: Why is it that the digital signal breaks up? WBAY is the worst. Other stations like PBS don't break up at all.

Answer: The break-up of the picture is caused by a weak signal or a weak tuner. Most of the time a larger antenna or getting the antenna higher will solve the problem. [Editor's note: Find out more at]

Question: Are all of the Green Bay area television stations waiting to make the switch until June or are some still switching in February?

Answer: As of February 13, Channel 5 and Channel 14 are turning off on the 17th. Channel 2 and 11 are staying on until June 12. Channel 26 and 32 have not finalized any dates.

Question: When trying to tape channels 2-1, 26-1 & 32-1 a message appears that says "can not record protected image". I can tape on channels 5 & 11. The VCR is a Toshiba D-VR650 and is set up to digital. We do not have any kind of Dish TV. We are using the box. I would like to be able to record on the VCR and watch a different channel on the TV. We also tape during the day when we are gone, so I would like to tape on all the channels. Before we switched over to the digitial we were ble to tape all the channels on the VCR.

Also for our main channels on the VCR the size of the picture is smaller. How do we make the picture to the full size of the screen?

Answer: Some programs are encoded with a copy flag to prohibit recording. If the station enables the copy flag it eliminates the ability to record that program. I would recommend contacting the station and ask if they are accidentally enabling the copy flag.

I am not familiar with the Toshiba products. However, I know that the LG recorders that we sell have aspect control to fill the screen with the image.

Question: We have an HDTV set, and currently can get the 3 Hi-def stations broadcast from WBAY and occasionally the one from WFRV, but the other channels all say poor signal quality or channel not available. Do we just need to wait until the conversion happens and the signals get stronger or is there something we can do now to get all the stations in high-def?

Answer: You will need to improve your reception. You will need to re-aim your antenna or improve it. We offer a wide selection of antennas that work very well.

Question: We are hooked up to Dish Network. We use our regular antenna for our local channels. We also have a VHS/DVD player hooked up. How do we connect the box when we are hooked up to both of these?

Answer: The easiest way to connect the set-top box is to use an audio/video input on your TV. Connect the Antenna directly to the box and then connect the box to an audio/video input on the TV. The audio/video connection are the yellow, white , and red connections.

Question: I bought an HDTV with a built-in digital tuner. After I hook up my antenna do I set it up analog? It gives me two choices, analog or cable. It is a Emerson model lc 195em9.

Answer: The setup choices on that TV should be 'Air' or 'Cable'. You should choose 'Air' if you are on antenna. That TV has an auto setup feature. Press MENU then CHANNEL then AUTOSCAN then AIR, and it will tune itself.

Question: We purchased a HDTV about 4 years ago and use an antenna. We receive the message that we are not ready for the digital change. Do we need to purchase a converter box or a new kind of antenna?

Answer: Are you getting channels 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3? If you are getting the .1 channels you are all set. If not, you may need to re-scan the channels (consult your owner's manual or manufacturer's web site for set-up instructions) or determine if your TV has a digital tuner.

Question: We have correctly setup our box. We get no channels will load. We have always gotten Ch. 2 and 5 clearly. informed us no digital stations are predicted to serve our location Lakewood WI. What can we do? According to the government this was not supposed to happen. When I called the FCC they told me that probably the digital signal might be boosted on 2/17. Is this true or are going to be without TV?

Answer: The current Green Bay channels are at full power. I'm sorry but your only choice for TV reception will be satellite.

Question: Hooked up new converter box today. Told 11 DTV is on 51 but it is not finding a signal there. Also no 2-3 there is no picture but when I press the guide button it tells me what is supposed to be there. I'm using a regular antenna and have Insignia model ns-dxa1-apt. Also only found 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and 5-1. Where are the rest of the local channels (14, 26, 32, and 38)?

Answer: Go to and see what channels you should be receiving. If you are in the local coverage area you will need to work on your antenna.

Question: I can get channel 5 and 11 but not channel 2 in digital. What's wrong?

Answer: It is either your location or your antenna. Try aiming your antenna if that doesn't help then you probably need a larger antenna. Is your antenna inside or outside?

Question: I have been watching Good Morning America The last two days [1-15/1-16]. The HD picture will not fill my screen. Called Direct TV -- no idea what's wrong. Tried everything. What's the problem (other HD channels filled the screen)? Thanks.

Answer: The problem is the school and event cancellations. Until TV stations are equipped locally for high-definition they revert to the standard-definition version to add their news alerts. Many programs' standard-definition versions are still broadcast in the 4:3 format including, apparently, Good Morning America.

Question: I wrote earlier about the problems we are having with the converter boxes for our 11-inch TVs. I was told that all had to be put on the outdoor antenna, and splitters put on for each personal TV. (Today is especially bad; only WBAY comes in) However, I have had several tell me that a particular electronics store is telling customers there is some kind of antenna (like a rabbit ear) that you can hook to the converter box and it uses the current wiring to improve the signal without going to an outside antenna. Do you know anything about that? Does it work?

Answer: Antenna signal is 'line of sight'. When you put an antenna up higher outside you improve reception. I have seen many gimmicks that work for one person but not for everyone else. The best choice for trouble-free reception is to go outside with a large antenna and put it up as high as feasible.

Question: I get channels 11 and 26 great using existing RF. However, I do not get these stations when using digital converter box. I am a rural location, however I have upgraded to HDTV antenna with 60 mile range...again RF signal is great. Why the discrepancy? Stations not using enough power when transmitting?

Answer: Every station tunes their tower towards the areas they desire to serve. No two towers are aligned the same, therefore reception varies depending on where you live. Fox 11 is currently broadcasting on Ch. 51 frequency but they will switch back to Ch. 11 in February. This will change their coverage area again. Your best option is to align your antenna for the strongest signal strength on those higher band UHF channels.

Question: Message on screen 'No Signal.' Could my antenna be too old?

Answer: It is probably not the age of an antenna as much as the wire connections and aiming of an antenna. Go to and see what channels you should be receiving and what direction your antenna should be pointing.

Question: I purchased a digital-ready television last Christmas. We lived on the east side of Green Bay at the time and we received all of the "dash" channels at that time. We have since moved to the south side of De Pere, almost in Lawrence, and now we very rarely if ever get the "dash" channels. We currently are not using an antenna and weren't in GB either. We live in an apartment complex and are not supposed to have external antennas. From what I've read, it may just be that the signal is not strong enough. Would you suggest purchasing an indoor antenna? What if it doesn't work? Would we be able to return it?

Answer: You do need some type of antenna to receive the signal. In your area an indoor antenna should be just fine.

Question: I have an outdoor antenna on my TV up north. My current reception is 2, 5, 11, 14, 26, 32, and 38. I know I will need a converter box for that TV, but will I need anything else because of the outside antenna?

Answer: All you need is a converter box if your reception is good.

Question: Can we still record to VHS after the switch?

Answer: Yes you can, if you connect a converter box to your VHS VCR.

Question: I have 2 televisions with converter boxes. One television has rabbit ears and the other one has roof antenna and I have done the test and cannot get the following stations even with the test: 7 Wausau; 11, 14, 26, 32 all out of Green Bay. I live in Shawano County, east of Wausau and west of Green Bay.

Answer: First start by going to and entering your address. If it shows that you should receive more channels then you will need to work on your antenna system. We do service and install antenna systems if you need help.

Question: I only get channels 2 and 5 with my converter box. All the other stations say "no signal." How can I tune in the other stations if I don't know where to position my antenna?

Answer: First try using the signal meter in the converter box settings to maximize signal on Channel 2-1, then have the converter do an autoscan to search for additional channels. If this does not work you will have to upgrade your antenna (visit We sell and install a wide selection of antennas.

Question: My DVD played on channel 91 before I installed my converter box. Will it play on the same channel after I connect it?

Answer: Converter boxes only receive Digital Channels. Channel 91 would be an analog channel. You will need to use to analog pass-thru function on the converter box and use the TV's tuner to view channel 91.

Question: When they ran the test tonight my mother just got a black screen. She has a new TV and should have been OK. What causes a black screen for a long time?

Answer: Depending on how the TV was setup, she might still have the analog channels in memory and was watching an analog channel.

[Editor's Note: Analog channels can be identified by their lack of a dash or decimal in the channel number, e.g. "2", "5", "11" on analog instead of "2-1" or "5.1" on digital.]

Question: I have a converter box installed and it is working very well. However, the picture for the local channels does not fill the TV screen. Will the picture fill the screen after the conversion date or is there something wrong with my installation?

Answer: Depending on the model of the converter box that you own you should be able to stretch the program to fill the screen (such as a "zoom" or "format" button). Do you have black bars on the Top/Bottom or Sides of the picture?

Question: I receive my TV signal from a dish that works for the whole apartment complex I live in. When I hooked up my converter, the only stations I received were the local stations from Green Bay. I programmed in the other stations I now receive and all of them came up as "no signal". What's wrong? Thanks for any help.

Answer: Apartment complexes use a different type of distribution system. We sell equipment to pass the digital channels thru the system. Contact your landlord and see if they plan on adding equipment for HDTV pass-thru.

Question: Digital reception is very good at home Menominee, MI. However when connected to the box at our summer home cannot receive any reception on our TV. Summer home is located 35 miles north of Menominee. Reception good off antenna. Will the digital signal get any stronger? And will we be able to get any digital reception from the box?

Answer: Menominee is the northern border for Green Bay signals. You might be able to receive something with a very large antenna and a pre-amplifier.

Question: I have successfully connected my DTV receiver to my TV, but am unable to receive the same channels as I can with just the antenna. I receive 5 channels with just the antenna and only 1 with the DTV receiver.

Answer: Depending on where you live that might be all that you can get. Go to and enter your address to see what you can receive.

Question: We have a cottage up north that's approximately 100 miles from Green Bay and Rhinelander. We bought a converter box but it does not find a signal. We thought a new antenna might help, but we need UHF and those are generally only good for 40 miles. What do you suggest?

Answer: You will probably have to subscribe to Directv or Dish network.

Question: Hi! We live in Sturgeon Bay, WI (Door County). We purchased a box and hooked it up and it says, "no signal". What do we need in order to receive a signal? Will we be able to receive a signal in Door County?

Answer: Go to and enter your address to see what channels you should be receiving. If you are in the coverage area you will need to work on your antenna to improve your reception. Most people in your area need a large rooftop antenna to receive any signal.

Question: Can I use a converter box if I have a dish but don't get the local channels?

Answer: Yes you can, depending on where you live.

Question: Hi Tim, I am in Wausau and can usually receive WBAY on Ch. 2. I have an 80 Ft. Tower and a pretty good High-gain all VHF channel antenna with a preamp. I have several questions: After February 17 on what channel will WBAY be transmitting and will their circle of coverage be larger or smaller? What about the other Green Bay area stations? I would like to be able to get the Packers on WBAY or one of the other GB stations when they are on ESPN since I refuse to pay for cable or satelite. I am considering switching to a dedicated deep-fringe UHF antenna at approx. 100 feet with a preamp. I know that the sensitivity of the specific HDTV set's tuner is also a factor. Do you have any recommendations as to which brand has the best tuner sensitivity for deep-fringe reception. Thanks in advance for your attention.

Answer: The coverage are will be approximately the same. However with Digital signals it is all-or-nothing. What I mean is that a digital tuner needs enough signal to lock in the signal or you will get no picture (whereas analog you may get ghosting or snow). Your best choice for attempting to get the signal would be a deep fringe UHF antenna with a preamp. The best set-top box that we found is the Zenith DTT901.

[Editor's Note: WBAY-TV will broadcast on the frequency equivalent of UHF channel 23, but thanks to digital this will be invisible to you; our broadcasts will appear on your TV as channels 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3.]

Question: Is it possible to buy an indoor antenna and a converter box and still get the local channels on my digital TV without having cable? If so, what do I need?

Answer: Yes, We have many customers who use an indoor antenna with a DTV box. Please call or stop in and we will get you set up.

Question: My present provider is cable. I have the basic 99 channels. All my sets are connected from the cable jack to a VCR and then to either a digital or analog TVs. OK?

Answer: You are all set.

Question: If my coupons expired will I be able to get them replaced?

Answer: The government will not replace them. You will need to find someone who did not use their cards, or have someone who did not request the coupons request them for you.

Question: I would like to know if channels 5, 11 and 26 will be increasing their HD signal strength when they go full HDTV on Feb 17. I live on the bluff near Fish Creek and currentlly pick them up through my converter, however, their signal strength tends to come and go. Would appreciate any information you could give me.

Answer: Signal strength will not change. Fox 11 will move to VHF 11 which might help that channel. Channel 2 & 5 will have no change.

Question: I got channels 2, 5, 11, 14, 26 and 3 PBS stations along with a few extra channel 2's during the test. Now I only get 2, 5, 26 and sometimes 11. I didn't change antennas, so what happened?

Answer: Either your antenna turned or there is snow or ice built up on your antenna.

Question: Have already installed converter boxes on both my TVs and they work OK. My problem is DTV station strength. Several of the stations, such as 2 and 38 come in at reasonable strength all the time, however, 5, 11 and 26 may be OK one day and not the next day. I have verbally heard but not seen in print that when all stations switch to digital only on Feb 17, they will increase their DTV strength. Is that true ?

Answer: The stations are not increasing the signal strength. You will need to improve your antenna.

Question: What do you use to clean the new LCD flat screens?

Answer: We sell a special cleaner made for flat panel TVs. It is $19.99 for the cleaning kit.

Question: I subscribe to DirecTV but use an antenna in my attic to receive local broadcast television stations. Will I have to install a converter box on each of my six TVs or can I install one box for all six TVs?

Answer: You will need 6 boxes or use DirecTV for your local channels.

Question: We have the converter boxes installed and we have a very clear picture. However, there are intermittent cutouts in the picture and sound. We live in rural New Franken and have a TV antenna in our attic.

Answer: First try aiming the antenna using the signal meter on the DTV box. If that doesn't help you will need to upgrade your antenna.

Question: I have an older plasma TV with dual analog tuners. The second tuner was intended for the PIP mode. Will I still get two different channels in PIP with a single converter box or am I going to need two, and how would I hook them up?

Answer: It will depend on the make/model of your plasma TV. You will also need converter boxes with assignable remote codes. For best results you might want a HDTV box not just a DTV box.

Question: It is foggy today and not one of the channels on the converter box works. Is this going to get better or is the best we can expect? The regular TV works better right now.

Answer: It depends on your signal strength. If you use a larger antenna you will probably solve your problem.

Question: I bought a LCD LG TV from Suess. Why does the TV automatically turn on in the middle of the night? This never happens during the day time.

Answer: LG TV's have built-in timers. Turn on the TV press menu, select timer, and turn the timer off.

Question: We have purchased 2 converter boxes -- one for our cottage 8 miles north of Menominee, MI, on the Menominee River, the other for our camp 30 miles north of Menominee in Daggett, MI. Neither unit works.

On the river we get a "weak" or no signal and cannot get to a programming screen. Camp we get nothing (weak - no signal also), so for these camps and cottages what can we do to get TV in February? We do have a booster in Daggett but I heard the new signals will not travel as far as analog, and even thought we get real good reception from the antennas I was advised only a dish is the answer come February.. Your thoughts, please.

Answer: You are out of the normal coverage area. You will have to subscribe to Directv or Dish network.

Question: I just bought a Sony Bravia HDTV. I have an antenna. Do I still need a converter box?

Answer: No, you don't you should be all set.

Question: We got a Sony 34" TV that has the ATSC digital tuner. When they the test for receiving digital, the TV did not pass. We have checked with Sony and double checked on their website and in our manual for the TV to see if it has the digital tuner and all three say it does. The model of the TV is KD-34XS955N, and we were wondering why if it has the tuner it didn't pass the test?

Answer: Your TV is not set up properly. We do offer TV setup in the Fox Valley area. Please call if we can help.

Question: I have a cottage up in Crivitz. I bought a converter box for up there and I can't get a signal for channel 11 or 14, so I bought another one and still no signal. I turned the antenna all different ways. Nothing. Is there some sort of booster I need? I've talked to other people in the area, they also can't get channel 11.

Answer: You are located in the fringe reception area. You can try a larger antenna (visit and type in the address) but you may be too far from the station.

Question: Hooked up to the box. My DVD player doesn't work or my antenna. What do I do?

Answer: You probably have it connected wrong. Pull out the owner's manuals for the equipment and start over. If you still can't get it, we do offer a setup service.

Question: I have a cabin in Townsend and I bought a converter box and get nothing. I have pretty good reception now. Are the TV channels going to boost their power up or do I have to buy a booster?

Answer: Most channels are at full power. Enter your address into and see if you are in the coverage area.

Question: I own a portable TV that hooks up to a vehicle cigarette lighter that I use to watch the Packer game while I am parked in a vehicle. I have a Curtis TV and it is about 3 years old. There is an antenna on the TV, but also a pin hole port where another antenna could be plugged into. There is no coax port to plug a cable into the TV. Will I be able to hook up a converter box to this TV and get the digital feed, or is this TV going to be obsolete? Could I buy a digital TV that could hook up to the converter and still get the Fox or CBS feed on one of these TVs?

Answer: We do have adapters to connect some of that style of TV to a set-top box. We also have TVs that will work with power inverters to run off of car batteries.

Question: Will DIRECTV be carrying any channel that WBAY puts out (2-1, 2-2, and 2-3). P.S., I love that 2-3 Channel.

Answer: Currently DIRECTV does not carry 2-2 and 2-3.  I do not know what their future plans are for adding additional local channels. [WBAY editor's note: Call your provider and let them know about your interest.]

Question: My hubby is asking why our channels 2 & 5 might be getting weaker. We have Dish Network but no converter box & haven', t , signed up for the HD with Dish yet.

Answer: You can get all of the local channels through Dish network. Call them and they can answer your questions about the signals and get you ready for the changeover.

Question: We have a DTV with a normal antenna. Will we still be watching the DTV on 2-1 when they make the switch or will we be able to watch it on channel 2?

Answer: You will be watching all digital, over-the-air channels on "dash-1" -- 2-1, 5-1, 11-1, etc. The analog 2, 5, 11, etc., will be turned off on or before February 17.

[Editor's note: One advantage of digital TV is multiple broadcasts from the same station, like StormCenter 2 24/7 (2-2) and Retro Television Network (2-3), or the three channels of Wisconsin Public Television. As mentioned in an earlier question, most local stations plan to stay on their new UHF frequencies.]

Question: Our question is, with the (Magnavox) conversion box will, we be able to pull in the Wausau/Stevens Point channels and some of the Milwaukee channels, specifically MPTV 10, as we can now through the modified rabbit ears? I tried earlier this summer to find it not the case. Also one of the local Green Bay channels doesn't download. Our location is halfway between Omro and Oshkosh off Highway 21. Would an HD antenna module help?

Answer: The larger the antenna, the better the reception. Also the higher you put an antenna, the better the reception. That , being said, you are probably still too far away to get Milwaukee and Wausau on a consistent basis.

Question: Will channels 2, 5, and 11 be broadcasting their HD signal in the lower VHF band or will they be broadcasting in the upper UHF Band?

Answer: 2 & 5 will be on UHF. Channel 11 is currently on UHF but they plan to switch back to VHF 11 after the analog is turned off.

Question: We have a RV trailer with an HDTV flat-screen TV. We use a roof-top antenna. Do we need a DTV converter box?

Answer: If your TV is an HDTV it has a DTV (digital) tuner built-in, so you should be OK.

Question: I use a rooftop antenna and received all local channels. I hooked up the converter box and now I can not get channels 11, 14 and 32. Says no signal. Do I need to move my rooftop antenna?

Answer: Yes you need to try re-aiming your antenna or you might need a larger UHF antenna. Go to and see if you are in the local coverage area. We do sell antennas that work very well in this area.

Question: I have the box hooked up but the picture in broken up. What do I do to make the picture clear?

Answer: Enter your address into and see what channels you should be receiving. If you are in the local coverage area you will need to adjust your antenna.

Question: I hooked up the converter box for myself and one for my mother-in-law. My TV works fine. When I hooked up my mother's the volume doesn't get as loud as it did before. She is hard of hearidng and now cannot hear the TV. The TV is on maximum volume and so is the converter box. What can I do?,

Answer: If you are hooked up using channel 3, try using the direct audio/video connections; or vice versa. If that doesn't help you may need to try a different set-top box. We do see a variance between manufacturers' boxes.

Question: During the test Wednesday night (I do not have cable TV), my TV passed, the test with channel 2 and 11. These are the two channels on which I get HD. Channel 5 and 26 did not pass the test. Why can I not get channel 5 in high definition and why did a few of the channels not pass the test? I have a year-old flat screen TV.

Answer: Either your antenna needs some attention or your home is located on the fringe of the receiving area. Enter your address into and see what channels you should be receiving.

Question: We have an HDTV, yet when WBAY ran that 6:00pm test, we saw the signal that our TV was not ready. Why? (We have an antenna.)

Answer: Your TV is not set up properly. The channels that you should be receiving are 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 5-1, etc. You will have to get out your owner's manual or call the store where you purchased the TV and go through the set-up procedure again. We do offer a local set-up for a fee.

Question: Early on October I sent for two coupons for the converter boxes. They have never arrived here. When I e-mailed to see where they were, I was told they had been mailed to me and they would not send two more coupons. Can you help me get two coupons so I can buy the converter box?

Answer: ,, You will have to re-register in another family member's name or use a neighbor who does not need the boxes. The Government is having a real problem with these cards disapearing in the mail.

Question: I live in a small town without an elelctronics store. I tried to check with the larger chain stores all summer to obtain converter boxes with my coupons, but none were ever available. Now my coupons have expired, so what can I do?

Answer: We always have boxes and we can ship them to you. To get new coupons you will have to apply again using a different household address. Most people will find a friend or a family member who do not need the boxes to apply for them.

Question: Hooked everything up and all I get is low signal. What does that mean?

Answer: Low signal means exactly what it says --your signal is low or weak. You will need to re-aim your antenna or improve its reception. Go to and see what channels you should be receiving at your home address.

Question: Why do I get a "no program" message on a digital channel? (I have a converter box.) Last week it worked fine. I also get the "weak signal" message.

Answer: With analog signals you would see snow when a program is off the air. With a digital box you get the message "No program" or "No signal". You may have to upgrade or realign your antenna to get stronger si, , gnal.

Question: I have a new TV with the required converter built-in yet I still am not able to get the digital reception. It is my understanding that my antenna may not be giving me a strong enough signal. Does this sound like it would be correct?

Answer: Yes, weak signal is the number one obstacle for not receiving the channels. Go to the website enter your exact address and it will show you what channels you should be receiving. If you are not receiving those channels, your antenna needs some attention.

Question: I have a Sony VCR Model SLV N99. I have hooked the VCR up to the converter box as the instruction to me to and I cannot record a TV program in digital. I can play a tape show but can not record. I get a little bit of the sound but not picture. I have tried changing the remote to TV and VCR mode and doesn't work. I have a Zenith, TV model #C19A21D.

Answer: You should connect the converter box with the A/V cables included with the box. Set the VCR to the input that you connected the cables to and it will work. If not, we do offer connection services.

Question: My question is, I have Bayland Cable TV and my TV went out (during the digital TV test December 3rd) but they say I am safe. I need to know, am I?

Answer: If you are on a cable TV system you are OK. Some cable providers did not have everything in place for last night's test.

Question: We have AT&T U-verse television and were told we don't need anything else to get ready for the switch to DTV. The test however indicated that we are not ready. We called AT&T and they said there will be no problem. Why did we see the "you are not ready" screen?

Answer: AT&T did not have all of their equipment in place for the test but they will have it before the analog turns off in February. 


Question: We have set up our converter box and our TV works fine. However we can no longer record any program off of TV. Is there something we can get to allow us to do this?



Answer: You could add a second converter box for your recorder -- to allow you to watch one program and record another. Or you could re-connect your converter box to the recorder -- to watch and record the same channel.


Question: I hooked up the converter box, followed all the directions, but the autoscan did not find any signals (channels) Do I need a "booster"? I have a coaxial hookup, but part of the wire from my roof antenna is the flat 2 wire. Do I need a complete coaxial cable, , or a different antenna or what?



Answer: First you should replace the flat wire with coax. Then you should use to determine the size of antenna that you need to make sure yours is large enough for your area.


Question: My friend lives in an apartment complex with no outside antenna only rabbit ears. How does she connect the converter box? I connected mine with the roof antenna cable to the converter box but if she doesn't have one. What can she do?



Answer: You would connect the rabbit ears to the converte, r, box, and the converter box to the TV. If the box did not come with cables, the instruction manual should show you what kind of cables you need (such as a coaxial cable or RCA plugs).


Question: Will a digital antenna like those found on AntennaWeb work in an area were my normal antenna and converter box can't get a signal? I have a 30-foot tower with rotor; this is northeast of Lakewood, WI.



Answer: If AntennaWeb says that you should receive the signal then a better antenna will help. However, I have not had much success in the Lakewood area.


Question: I can get three of channel 2 and one of channel 5 using my converter box. I cannot get 11, 26, 32, or 38. Why? and how do I fix it?



Answer: If you are receiving some but not all of the channels you are either on the very fringe of the coverage area or you need to work on your antenna. [Editor's note: For more information if an antenna may be helpful, and what type, visit]

Question: What is the difference between LCD, DLP, and plasma televisions? What are the pros and cons of each? Are there any other flat-screen technologies? 

Answer: The main difference between these types of TVs is the technology used to create the image.


Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
LCD is an older, much easier to produce technology. LCD is a flat panel technology, usually less than 6" in depth. This makes it an exceptional choice for wall mounting. Without getting too technical in the operation of this type of display, LCD simply works by having rows of lights behind a 3-color (red, blue, green) LCD matrix. Based on the information being sent to the display, the liquid crystals are either excited (displaying a color) or off (producing black). The great thing about LCD is it reliability (60,000 hrs without image degradation), choi, , ces in size (5" to 45" screen size), resistance to "burn-in", color accuracy, and flexibility in placement throughout the home; it performs equally well in very bright or dark locations.


Plasma is another flat panel technology. In contrast to LCD, plasma uses a gas, much akin to the gas in flourescent lights. Instead of rows of LCDs, plasma has cells of gas. The gas is either excited to produce various colors or not to produce black. Plasma is a very bright, phosphorus-based technology, thus it is prone to "burn-in". Plasma has a half-life of 30,000 hours (this equates to approximately 15 years of life). Half-life is a misunderstood description of the lifespan of this type of TV. If you do the math, it is really no different than the current, CRT , (tube television) technology. Half-life simply means that the panel will be half as bright as the day you took it home. To find out if plasma is right for you, just calculate how much your TV is on during the day (average use is 2,000 hours per year).

Digital Light Processing (DLP)
DLP is not a flat panel technology. It is thinner than the current projection (CRT) televisions. A 52" DLP is approximately 15" in depth, compared to a CRT projection which is approximately 24" in depth. DLP uses a microchip made by Texas Instruments. This chip contains approximately 900,000 micro mirrors that are on hinges that direct light to the screen (to create colors) or away from the screen (to create b, l, a, ck). DLP technology is a projection-type television. There is a replaceable light source, which shines through a 5- or 7-segment color wheel (red, blue, and green segments). This light source is user replaceable. The advantage of this is a non-fading picture. The other great thing about DLP is that it is the only type of TV on the market which is completely impervious to burn-in. Lifespan of the bulb is approximately 5000-8000 hours; the microchip is rated at 50,000 hours.

The Pros, Cons, and Other Technologies


Pros Cons
1. Long life
2. Flexibility in placement and mounting options
3. High contrast for sharp picture images
4. Color accuracy
5. Size availability, ease of manufacture, durability in shipping
6. Burn-in resistance makes it great for gamers and computer users
1. Viewing angles are limited; pictures look much better with head-on viewing; image will fade as you move off-axis from TV
2. Slower refresh rates; image drag with fast-moving objects can create artifacts
3. Since LCDs can't "shut off" all light, blacks are not "true" (this is usually only noticeable in very dark viewing environments)
4. Size limitations over 45". Technology has not advanced to the point where larger sizes are easily manufactured.


Pros Cons
1. Super-high contrast; very bright, vivid images
2. Faster refresh rates than LCD
3. Viewing angles are excellent, much like a flat-screen tube
4. Sizes range from 37" to 71"
1. Susceptible to burn-in
2. Very fragile for shipping; should be professionally installed
3. Image will fade over time
4. Shorter lifespan than LCD or DLP




1. Lightweight; thinner than CRT projections
2. High-contrast, super-bright image quality
3. Excellent viewing angles
4. Cost is far less than either LCD or , plasma
5. No burn-in
6. Long lifespan; replaceable light source; no image fade over time
7. Able to produce true blacks
1. Color wheel can produce "rainbow artifacts"
2. High contrast, brightness can cause eye fatigue in dark viewing locations over long periods of viewing
3. Not a flat panel; cannot be wall-mounted without major wall renovation

There are other flat technologies available. In the "Micro Display" world (like DLP), there are also LCD projection, HD-ILA projection (JVC LCOS), LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon), SXRD (Sony LCOS). All of these are flat-screen but still have depth. They are termed Micro-Display because they use microchip technologies to produce the image. They are getting thinner for mounting but not as thin as LCD or Plasma. You can get all the named technologies in Front Projection, but is better suited for dedicated home theater rooms. It requires the use of a screen and a dark room, much like a movie theater.

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