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Study: Nearly 60 Percent of College Students Used Tanning Beds


New research shows almost 60 percent of college students worldwide have used a tanning bed at some point.

The study was done by the University of California, San Francisco.

Researchers say those numbers are alarming given the large amount of evidence showing that tanning can have harmful effects.

The study also found that since 1992, rates of the skin cancer called melanoma have increased by three percent a year in white women ages 15 to 39.

Researchers say the good news is that the number of tanning salons in the U.S. has dropped 30 percent in the last decade, which gives people less opportunity to use tanning beds.

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New research shows vodka may be a large part of the reason Russians have a high risk of early death.

Researchers looked at more than a 150,000 Russians.  The study found men who drank three or more bottles of vodka per week were about twice as likely to die prematurely than men who drank less than a bottle a week.

Researchers say vodka has a high level of ethanol, which can cause health problems -- and increased the risk of conditions like cancer and heart disease.
Heavy drinking also increased the risk of dying in car crashes, from suicide, or from violence.


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