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Sportsmen Hunting for LP for Shanties

Lake Winnebago -

While the propane shortage has thousands worried about heating their homes, sportsmen are also concerned about the impact on sturgeon spearing season because they use smaller 20-pound tanks to heat their ice shanties.

A week from now men, women and children will converge on Lake Winnebago and the Upper River Lakes for a Wisconsin tradition, sturgeon spearing season. So with news of a propane shortage across the state, those who use LP to heat their shanties are getting out early to buy or exchange a tank.

"I'm going to get a tank because I gotta test my heater out in my shack before sturgeon," says Mark Spannbauer. "You want to make sure everything is running good, ready to go."

Mark Spannbauer is just one of the more than a dozen customers who will most likely stop at the Pipe Express for propane today. Always a busy time of year for the lakeshore store to be selling LP, the propane shortage is definitely driving up business earlier than normal.

Wendee Kutz, a Pipe Express employee, says, "We'll still see it, but not in mass quantities like we've been seeing. People calling, checking the prices, making sure, so yeah everybody is stocking up."

Don Prickette, another sturgeon spearer said he filled his propane tank for his shanty up a couple of weeks ago.

According to Prickette, "You just never know. If the shortage is going on you're hearing about it, so you just address it just trying to get a jump on things."

Because with the bitter cold temperatures we've had and the snow that keeps falling, if the shortage continues, spearers want to make sure they aren't left out in the cold.

Says Mark Spannbauer, "You don't want to be out there without it. It's too cold out there so to stay in the shack you want to have the heat."

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