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Senator Ron Johnson Statement on State of the Union Address


Provided to Action 2 News:

"Tuesday night President Obama gave his fifth State of the Union address to Congress and the American people.   He said the state of our union was strong, but we all know the condition of America can — and should be — much stronger.

"A recent Gallup poll showed 65% percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the nation's system of government and how well it works.  They have every reason to be dissatisfied. 

"As the Gallup poll indicates, unprecedented levels of deficit spending and debt, the Obama administration's purposeful misleading and cover-up on Benghazi, its dangerous misuse of the IRS to target political opponents, and the horribly botched rollout and terrible reality of Obamacare join a growing list of foreign and domestic policy failures that justifiably erode the public's confidence in the federal government's ability to do almost anything effectively or efficiently.

"And yet growing Washington and increasing the federal government's control and influence over our lives is President Obama's go-to solution.  It is the only play contained in his liberal playbook.  Hopefully, more Americans are realizing it is a game plan that will not work.

"We need to make America an attractive place for private sector investment, business expansion and job creation. The solution to growing income inequality is to expand opportunity and prosperity for every American, not pursue the unachievable goal of equal results.  We should incentivize and celebrate success, not demonize it.

"Unfortunately, political demagoguery works, and President Obama and his Democrat allies are more than happy to engage in it.  But demagoguery will not solve America's growing financial, economic and cultural problems. 

"Instead, we should concentrate on issues where common ground can be found.  I stand ready to work with President Obama to strengthen the private sector to create long-term self-sustaining jobs, or reduce waste and fraud in government programs and set spending priorities, so that we can afford both a strong social safety net and sorely needed infrastructure improvements.

"America has been and should continue to be a land of unlimited opportunity.  In the span of human history, America is unique and precious.  It has achieved unparalleled success because it recognizes and promotes individual freedom and basic human dignity. 

"It is system of self-government that has worked for two centuries because its citizens have shown personal responsibility and self-reliance — but also compassion, generosity and an incredible willingness to help those who are truly in need.  It is a system of limited government and a social compact that must be strengthened and preserved. 

"I remain more than willing to be a good faith partner with anyone who acknowledges the serious challenges facing America  and is willing to work with me to find lasting solutions."

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