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Investigative Interview Tapes: Inside The Mind Of An Officer During A Shooting


Last month Green Bay Police Officer Clint Beguhn shot and killed a man while responding to a domestic disturbance call. Yesterday an internal investigation said he did the right thing and cleared him for active duty.

Documents and interview tapes from that investigation reveal new information and tell us what was going through Officer Beguhn's mind in the minutes leading up to the incident.

When Officer Clinton Beguhn pulls up to 1499 Capitol Drive, he knows this isn't the first time Darold Vandenheuvel's estranged wife has called for help.

"I was looking through my peephole and he came right up to my door," she tells the 911 operator.

"She seemed to be worked up she seemed to be scared," recalls Beguhn.

She tells Beguhn and his partner Officer Marc Opicka that her estranged husband is down in the parking garage. 

"When I started looking at the male, um, he had just lit up a cigarette," says Beguhn, stating that he was 20 to 30 feet away .

Opicka calls out to Vandenheuvel, "Hey what are you doing back there?"

"He's not responding to anything Opicka says, Opicka goes from saying something like "Hey man" to "Show me your hands", " says Beguhn.

There's a pillar blocking Beguhn's view, he moves in closer to get a better look.

"As officer Opicka's saying "Show me your hands", the male had a light jacket on, and he starts drawing down the zipper with his left hand very slow. Opicka starts giving louder commands to the extent of "show me your hands". He continues to draw down the zipper."

Now Beguhn has positioned himself with a clear line of sight.

"The jacket is undone he pulls the jacket open to the left. As soon as he pulls the jacket open, I can see a revolver in his waistband.  His hand goes to the revolver and he starts drawing it up. As he's drawing up, I remember shooting. I couldn't tell you how many shots. I couldn't tell you if my first shot hit him or not.  He goes to the left and the gun is still coming up.  I remember firing as fast as I can at him and as he pulls the gun up, I can see its huge. I mean it was big!"

Beguhn fires 10 times.

"And I must have started to hit him this time because he starts leaning to the left and starts to go down. I don't know if he hit the wall behind him or what but in retrospect it took him a while to go down."

In the background on dash cam video we hear Beguhn shout to Opicka "You okay bud? take some deep breaths."

Opicka, "You alright?"

Beguhn, "I'm fine."

Paramedic"63 year old male, multiple shots, not breathing," says a paramedic.

A medical examiner's report says Vandenheuvel suffered 7 gunshot wounds in his hand, arms, chest and head.

"He goes for the weapon: he's attempting to pull it on two officers in a parking area, as he's there for what seems like a legitimate police complaint, I can't imagine there is any other reason for him to grab that fire arm other than to attempt to kill officer Opicka or myself or both," says Beguhn.

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