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Meth Lab Crime Scenes Pose Serious Dangers

Fond du Lac -

The Fond du Lac Fire Department says neighbors surrounding a meth lab police discovered last night are fortunate because it usually takes a disaster to uncover the location of meth lab operations.

"Worst case scenario is usually how you find a meth lab and that's usually a fire and an explosion," said Troy Haase of the Fond Du Lac Fire Department.

Without a fire, or explosion revealing this meth lab, neighbors say investigators gave specific directions.

"it was a volatile situation just stay in the house and stay low," said neighbor Dawn Lerche.

After investigators say they discovered what they're calling a meth lab in this Fond Du Lac home, neighbors say they were shocked to see what was being brought out the front door.

"They were walking very slow as they were coming out with these little (containers) whatever they were holding and even just setting it down it was like they were taking their time and being very careful, said neighbor Mindy Barnes.

Fire crews say chemicals present a real danger, especially if something were to explode and cause a fire. 

"It could spread to nearby homes, but you not only have to deal with the fire, but the chemicals and any kind of spews or smoke coming off the chemicals," said Haase.

Because a meth lab crime scene is so dangerous, investigators needed six hours to collect evidence.

"We're in there and not knowing the chemicals are there. So we're actually walking and crawling possibly through these chemicals and as people know a lot of these places are booby trapped," said Haase.

cleaning crews will now work on the Fond du Lac home to see if it'll be safe for anyone to live there in the future.

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