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Day After Christmas Means Returns and Gift Cards


Gift giving trends are shifting and many return lines are shorter this year than the checkouts.

It's the gift that fits everybody's holiday budget and this year 8 out of 10 holiday shoppers purchased gift cards. That's more than any holiday season in the past.  Which means more people unwrapped them from under the tree yesterday

"I think that's what the day after Christmas is, come here to the mall and spend all your gift cards," says Brandon Spevacek, who was shopping with gift cards.

"A lot of people spend them after Christmas because of the clearance and sales that are involved," says Dale Adams, Shopko Manager.

Gift cards used to be the last minute gift and thought of as impersonal, but now they are at the top of holiday wish lists.

"They even enjoy it, they like getting toys but I think they like getting gift cards as well," says Christi Brule referring to her kids.

Her son Sam agrees.

"Yeah they're fun ... cause you pretty much have control over your own gift," he says.

"I love gift cards, because then I can pick out what I want and get stuff on sale," says Ann Bosley

"You can actually take a 50 dollar gift card and turn it into 85 dollars worth of product because of the clearance and sales we have currently running," says Adams.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of gift cards, this December 26th, there are more people shopping and less people at the customer service counter.

"I'm making a return. Umm, my Grandma bought me the same sheets as my 5-year old cousin, so yeah .. I'm gonna get some different ones," says Riley Kelly.

At one time or another, we've all been there.  The situation may be familiar, but store return policies might not be.  Each one is different.

At Shopko:

"We have 90 days to return something which is our normal policy and 30 days on electronics," says Adams.

While many policies are the same as in years past according to the National Retail Federation, there are some changes.

Best Buy, for example, used to allow holiday returns until January 24th. This year, they've shortened that period by nine days. Which means you only have until January 15th to return or exchange your present.

Whatever the policy, having a receipt always helps.

"Sometimes it's kinda hard to ask for the gift receipt and sometimes you can get in-store credit without the receipt, so that's ok too," says Holly Decleene.

Which brings us to the toughest part of returns: How do you tell someone that you don't want their gift?

"Maybe fib a little and say you need a different size," suggests Decleene.

"Be honest or just do it secretly, either way works," says Sam Brule.

His mom Christi says, "You hope you don't have to tell them. Maybe you just quietly do it without letting them know."

Then you can take advantage of post-Christmas sales to buy yourself a gift you really like.

"I got a sweatshirt, a 60 dollar sweatshirt for thirty bucks!  I couldn't really pass that up," says Spevacek.

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