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Banks: Consumers Can Help Fight Identity Theft

Ashwaubenon -

Some shoppers in Northeast Wisconsin say they believe their data was stolen in the target breach. Action 2 News reporter Patrick Nelson looked into the affect identity theft is having on shoppers and what banks say you can do to stay one step ahead of the thieves.

In just ten minutes at one of Green Bay's malls Action 2 News ran into someone who was a victim of identity theft. She says it's completely changed the way she spends her money.

"We're more careful about where we use our debit cards and our credit cards. We try not to use them if we don't have to because there's such a risk. Tonight we're using cash, said Carlene Felmer, a past victim of identity theft.

Even with identity theft affecting millions across the country, not all shoppers are taking a cautious approach. Some say the convenience of using a card outweighs the risk.

"I still think I might be a little stubborn and use my card just because of the easy use," said shopper Cory Phillips. 

Karen Carew is the Chief Financial Officer at Pioneer Credit Union in Ashwaubenon. She says banks are always working to protect their customers, but consumers should be active too.

"There are sometimes that you just can't get ahead of the bad guys. The best thing a consumer can do in those situations is make sure they are watching their accounts," said Carew.

There are security options for consumers that cost money, but Carew says there are ways to protect yourself for free .

"You can get your credit reports on a regular basis. You can get your credit bureau set up so that you are notified about any sort of changes that occur on your credit bureau. Even if you are using your own accounts, if you are using mobile banking, or home banking you can set up alerts," said Carew.

Communication is also important. Banks say if your identity is stolen, let them know right away.

The Brown County Sheriff's Department tells Action 2 News they are adding a new position at the department to help with identity theft investigations.

They expect the new investigator to begin working cases sometime next year.

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