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Multiple PD's Team Up for Mass Shooting Training

Neenah -

Active shooter and mass casualty calls are ones no police agency ever hopes to have in their community. But, incidents like that are always a possibility.

For years, local officers have been running through different active shooter scenarios, but over time tactics have changed.

Aaron Zemlock from the City of Menasha Police Department says, "We always go back to kind of the columbine type example where you'd set up outside, set up a perimeter and those days are long gone, so you could be the sole officer that arrives on scene and you're going to go in and try to address that threat."

The scenarios being practiced at a vacant Neenah Elementary School are group exercises. Officers are working in pairs, sweeping the building, looking for the threat. What's different about these exercises aren't the tactics they're using, but who is participating. With their jurisdictions bordering one another, Thursday's drills are for officers with the City of Neenah, the City of Menasha and the Town of Menasha. The first of its kind type of training for these officers in a long time.

"I think the reality is in the event that there is a mass casualty type of incident, active threat incident many jurisdictions, surrounding jurisdictions are going to respond. So it just makes sense that we train together that we're all singing from the same songbook so to speak when it come to the tactics and what we expect from each other," says Corey McKone from the Neenah Police Department.

And after working through drills with officers from other agencies, those participating feel they know what they'd do as well as those they might be working with.

"It's important to work together as a team," says Tim Seaver from the Town of Menasha Police Department. "You have know what the other person is doing. If they're going to move a certain way you better move with them. You could be in harms way if you don't or kids in the school are going to be in harms way if you don't succeed, we have to move fast."

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