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Traffic Cam Crash Video Good Teaching Tool

Winnebago County -

By now many of us have seen the video of dozens of cars piling up on Highway 41/45 near Germantown on Sunday. Wisconsin DOT traffic cams caught the collisions. In fact, the traffic cam video is going viral around the country.

"It's alarming to say the least," say Lt. Bill Anthes with the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office. "It really was."

Sunday morning near Milwaukee, drivers were slipping, sliding, some are speeding and then smashing into one another.

"I think this is a phenomenal illustration of how these accidents happen and a great reminder for people to slow down and pay attention," says Officer Jason Weber with the Town of Menasha Police Department.

We watched the video with local law enforcement and they say drivers and not the weather are mostly to blame for this pile up.

Says Lt. Anthes, "As I continued to watch that video I counted at least 45 cars that I felt came into that camera view at speeds inappropriate for these types of travel conditions."

And while what some drivers are doing behind the wheel in the video, like speeding in the snowy conditions, is wrong, those getting out of their cars and walking on the highway are putting themselves in even more danger.

Weber suggests, "Typically we tell people to stay in their car, but something like this I think it's probably not a bad idea to get out of your car. But definitely don't be walking around the freeway, go down into he ditch area and kind of get away from all of those other cars sliding in."

And if you're not part of the crash, don't stick around you'll only add to what is already a bad situation.

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