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Unique Vote Could Stop Wal-Mart's Downtown Supercenter Plans


The fate of a downtown Green Bay Wal-Mart on the Larsen Green property, is now in the hands of the city's Redevelopment Authority (RDA) committee.

The Larsen Green Property is overseen by a six member Governing Board: three from On Broadway Inc., the property's owner and three from the City of Green Bay, On Broadway's loan backers.

Monday the Governing Board voted on whether to move forward with Wal-Mart which would include renewing a purchase agreement about to expire.  The vote was a tie.  On Broadway members all voted 'Yes', while city members all voted 'No'.

According to the by-laws it's now up to the City of Green Bay's Redevelopment Authority (RDA) to break the tie. 

That means Wal-Mart's hopes and future downtown plans now rest in the RDA committee's hands.

"I'm sure that they'll have a proposal for us 32:01 and um 31:02 we'll see what happens," says RDA committee Chairman Harry Maier.

Though Wal-Mart has met with the mayor, city planning staff and members of the Larsen Green Governing Board, RDA members say the company has not reached out to them.

"We have not had any meetings on this, on a formal or informal basis," says Maier.

Wal-Mart's presentation is expected to be on the RDA agenda for next Tuesday's meeting.

"I would expect that we would make a decision that day, either for or against it," says Maier.

It's a decision that will all come down to the company's proposal and plans.

"We are just to approve a site approve a design and that's it.  That is the only thing we are supposed to make a decision upon not how generous they've been, donating stuff to the community, not people coming at us and picketing them," says Alderman Joe Moore who is a voting member of the RDA committee.

Some members of the RDA have voiced concerns but right now it is not clear how they will vote.

"There's no way that I would be able to predict what the outcome to that would be.  First of all, we have to hear what they have to present," says Maier.

Because this vote will break the Governing Board's tie, Tuesday's outcome has the power to stop Wal-Mart's Broadway District Supercenter dreams from moving forward. 

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