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Deer Hunting Opens With Safety Concerns


Opening weekend of Wisconsin's gun deer season proved to be the most dangerous in more than a decade.

 While the deer harvest was down, hunter injuries were up, and DNR safety wardens are concerned. 

During the first two days of the gun season, six hunters received bullet wounds in firearm incidents.

 "There's only been one other year in the last 12 years where there's been more than six and that was 2002 where we had eight during the opening weekend, so yeah we're concerned about it," says DNR  Recreational Safety Warden Jeremy Cords.

Cords says two of the incidents involved hunters in Northeast Wisconsin shooting themselves getting in and out of tree stands.

He's urging more of a focus on safety.

"Practice it, talk about it at the camp, around the fire, around supper time, talk about how you guys are handling your firearms, how you plan on getting it up and down and take the extra five seconds please and do it the right way," urges Cords.

Cords says fortunately, none of the injuries have been life threatening.

But with the second half of the season approaching, Cords says more hunters tend to hunt in groups and try to get deer to move by doing deer drives.

"The statistics show they are inherently dangerous and not to be taken lightly," says Cords.

In areas where rifles are being used for the first time, officials are concerned about safety when deer are running and hunters are shooting.

 "Now with a rifle they're gonna shoot further and beyond and that's where it gets a little hairy because there are homes in some of the vicinity and buildings and that's where I get nervous. No deer and no memory is worth having someone get shot or hurt in a hunting accident," says Mike Van Lanen, Town of Scott Chairman.

"Here's one thing to remember, there's no shot worth taking if you got to take one that fast," says Cords.






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