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Study: Mediterranean Diet Reduces Heart Problem Risk


A new study shows the so-called Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of heart problems.

The Mediterranean diet includes foods people eat a lot in that part of the world, including olive oil, vegetables, nuts, fish and wine.

Researchers studied about 7500 people in Spain.  Some followed a low-fat diet, some followed the Mediterranean diet.

After five years, the ones on the Mediterranean diet had a 30 percent lower risk of heart-related problems (heart attack, stroke) than the low-fat group.



A pediatricians group has issued new guidelines for treating ear infections in children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says doctors don't always need to prescribe antibiotics for ear infections, and parents can simply monitor kids and give pain medication.

The group says 70 percent of children get better on their own within three days, and about 80 percent are better within 10 days.

Doctors say over-prescribing of antibiotics leads to side effects, like upset stomach and so-called superbugs.  Superbugs are infections that become harder and harder to cure.



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