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Study: Overweight Girls Have Higher Chance of Developing MS


Researchers have found that overweight girls have a higher chance of developing multiple sclerosis later in life than normal weight girls.

Researchers don't know exactly why there's a connection, but they say parents of overweight girls should watch for possible early signs of MS, like numbness and tingling.

Multiple sclerosis is a rare disease of the central nervous system.  It can cause blurry vision, numbness, weakness, and balance issues.

MS most often affects adults, but it also affects up to 10,000 children in the U.S.



A new study shows that yoga may benefit people who have the irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or AF

In the small study, AF patients took yoga for three months.  At the end of the yoga period, patients reported having fewer irregular heartbeats -- and more than 20 percent reported none at all.

Many of them also reported having better mental and physical health.

Experts say those benefits may come because yoga has been shown to reduce stress.

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