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Green Bay Plows Around the Clock


If the roads were better than you expected today, that's because crews have been working tirelessly since 2:30am, salting, brining and plowing.

Plow drivers like Paula Whiting are on the roads in conditions most of us try to avoid at all costs.

"We got 16 trucks designated to all the main streets and we have other trucks that are right now doing residential's"

All of the drivers are working non-stop to make sure the streets are safe for the rest of us. 

The truck's leave the street to re-fill with salt and brine before going back out on the road.  The driver's will work a twelve hour day.  Then they'll have four hours off before coming back and working a 16 hour shift.

Green Bay Streets Superintendent Tony Feitzer started work at 2am today.

"Winter doesn't always come between 7am and 3pm."

The first spreaders and snow plows hit the streets shortly after around 2:30am.

Drivers are encouraged to take as many breaks as they need to stay alert. Working 28 out of 32 hours may seems excessive, but in a snow emergency Paula says she's prepared to do what's necessary to keep the roads safe. 

"It's par for the course that's what we signed up for that's what we're here to do."

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