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8/29: Baby hears lion's roar for first time:

8/21: Action 2 News photojournalist Will Sentowski's Instant Replay Ice Bucket Challenge:

8/18: Brett Favre does the Ice Bucket Challenge:

8/13: Cat messages baby:

8/12: Baby loves remote control:

8/11: Laughing babies:

8/5: Bear rescues crow:

7/31: Dog kissing baby:

7/29: Doctor distracts baby during shots:

7/28: Dog passes out from excitement:

7/18: Dog afraid to pass cat on the stairs:

7/16: Go-kart parking champ:

7/15: Hail storm in Siberia:

7/14: Dog likes ice cream:

7/10: Blue Angels surprise: Http://

7/7: Drone films fireworks display:

7/3: Painting tricks the eye:

7/2: Man throws water on reporter:

7/1: Kittens on a slide:

6/26: Cat unlocks cage door:

6/25: Bear cub visits mechanic's office:

6/24: Giant slip and slide:

6/20: Dog loves World Cup soccer:

6/19: Three-point bouquet toss:

6/18: Hundreds of ducks cross the road:

6/16: Rescued baby otter:

6/3: TV crew fail:

6/2: Little salsa champs:

5/30: Baby's First Laugh:

5/29: Dad learns "Frozen" song for daughter:

5/27: Kids react to old computers:

5/19: Bungee jumping at nuclear reactor:

4/23: Reporter falls off boat:

4/18: Amazing high school lip dub:

4/17: Student with down syndrome excited for college acceptance letter:

4/11: Brewers get down to Pharrell's "Happy":

4/10: Little super hero:

4/9: Baby tastes lemon for first time:

4/8: Cool circus performances:

4/7: Reporter breaks giant chocolate egg:

4/2: West De Pere "Happy" about School Library Month:

4/1: Massive Slip-N-Slide:

3/31: Backwards bowler:

3/28: Aaron Rodgers visits Badgers basketball team:

3/26: Firefighter proposes during fire drill:

3/24: Laser pops balloons:

3/21: Amazing Wheel of Fortune solve:

3/20: 23-foot back flip:

3/19: Awesome trick basketball shots:

3/18: Basset Hounds in tiny dog house:

3/17: Crazy double golf shot:

3/14: Little boy wants cupcakes:

3/12: Killer whales chase boat:

3/11: Smashing walnuts with your head:

3/10: Corgi snow fun:

2/28: Long soccer goal:

2/25: Meteorologist does "Frozen" parody:

2/24: Giraffe goes out for lunch:

2/19: Wolves interrupt traffic stop:

2/18: Dog enjoys breakfast:

2/14: Shoveling snow into a shopping cart?

2/12: Bat sanctuary:

2/11: Rapping moms:

2/10: Cat lulls fussy baby to sleep:

2/7: Fun video tricks:

2/5: Taking tiger home:

2/4: Using ketchup in Australia:

2/3: Husky, baby sing a duet:

1/31: New dance style called "Tutting":

1/30: Baby laughs at dog eating popcorn:

1/28: Scottish couple encounters bear: HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=9RKBHE0BDFW

1/27: Bubble Wrap Bike:

1/22: Skateboarding cat:

1/21: Dog plays fetch with statue:

1/17: Dog doesn't want to go to kennel:

1/16: Home Depot employee catches baby: Http://

1/14: Beagle steals chicken nuggets:

1/13: Bridge bicycle stunt:

1/10: Dogs wearing booties:

1/9: Jumping on a frozen trampoline:

1/3: 500-foot basketball shot:

1/2: Tugboat lift goes wrong:

12/31: Badgers football team reacts to Packers win over Bears:

12/19: Christmas Jammies Video:

12/18: Pandas going down a slide:

12/16: Best Frisbee Trick Shots of 2013:

12/12: Paraglider scares cows:

12/11: Corgi on a carousel:

12/10: Mouse decorates Christmas tree:

12/6: Baby laughs at dog playing with bubbles:!/photo.php?v=10152046377669740&set=vb.149415338587926&type=2&theater

12/5: Red Panda with a pumpkin:

12/3: Eagle steals camera:

12/2: Song honors Packers in the tune of Lorde's "Royals":

11/26: Boy and usher have dance off at Pistons game:

11/21: Dog reacts differently to words 'bath' and 'walk':

11/19: Toddler's first time on ice:

11/15: Must see trick football play:

11/14: Guy plays basketball and guitar at same time:

11/13: Climbing the walls for candy:

11/12: Puppy glad to see returning soldier:

11/11: Woman has dance party before surgery:

11/6: Kentucky player tries to save ball, makes basket for opposing team:

11/4: Electrical fireball:

11/1: Dog and cat escape kitchen:

10/31: Halloween pranks with jump scares:

10/29: Fish jumps in boat:

10/28: Baby moose plays in sprinkler:

10/24: Baby LED Halloween costume:

10/22: Crazy unmarked intersection in India:

10/21: Dad lip synch's temper tantrum:

10/18: Dog's howl makes baby stop crying:

10/17: Illinois soldier's surprise reunion with son:

10/16: Parking problems:

10/15: Man pranks wife in car:

10/10: 'Mario Bros.' Room:

10/9: Batdad:

10/8: Golden Retriever loves guitar music:

10/4: "I Quit": A Rebuttal

10/3: Piano Prodigy:

10/2: "I Quit":

10/1: Magic Beard:

9/30: Eating crackers off a treadmill:

9/24: Army Captain surprises daughter at Wisconsin football game:

9/20: "Cups" song Packers Tribute:

9/18: Man pranks people with wig of his own hair:

9/17: Pro arm wrestler vs. Pro bodybuilder:

9/16: Skydive proposal:

9/13: Cat says "no, no, no!"

9/12: Scaredy Cat!:

9/11: Amazing soccer goal:

9/10: Cat waving:

9/9: Quarterback prank:

9/6: Monkey plays in the snow:

9/5: Trick basketball shot off 98-meter tower:

9/4: Realistic dinosaurs spook workers:

9/3: Mommy's happy dance:

8/28: How to tickle a lizard:

8/26: Deer overrun Japanese city:

8/23: Animals on trampolines:

8/22: Dog plays dead to avoid bath:

8/21: Girl falls asleep on luggage after long flight:

8/20: Sheep protest:

8/15: Motorbike wake-up call:

8/14: Robot jumps and flips:

8/13: 11-man pool dunk:

8/12: Mattress delivery:

8/9: Yoga dog:

8/2: Driving test gone wrong:

8/1: Cat drags dog:

7/31: Ultra Ever Dry:

7/30: Man throws raccoon to save dog:

7/29: Boat doesn't fit under bridge:

7/26: Ticklish penguin:

7/25: Woman falls asleep on fellow passenger on plane:

7/24: Magician cut-in-half prank:

7/23: Local reporter's bear attack tips:

7/22: Man wrestles shark:

7/19: Quite a dunk:

7/16: How to pack: Man style:

7/15: Dog thief:

7/11: Man scares girlfriend with ghost prank:

7/10: Rhythmic gymnast throws out first pitch:

7/8: Elephant shatters window during safari:

6/26: Weather camera spider scares meteorologist:

6/25: Levitating magician stuns onlookers:

6/21: Cat in a bowl:

6/20: Reporter's worst nightmare:

6/19: Rubber band babies:

6/18: No handle-with-care policy:

6/17: Lego Star Wars Father's Day:

6/14: Father-daughter dance medley:

6/13: You are My Sunshine--66 years in love:

6/12: Philadelphia orchestra performs while waiting on tarmac:

6/10: Girl befriends fawn:

6/7: 12-year-old sings National Anthem at NBA Finals:

6/6: Mama deer and fawn reunite:

6/5: Boy sings Beatles with dad:

6/4: Boy salutes during "Star Spangled Banner" after cymbals break:

6/3: Cat gets stuck in tissue box:

5/21: Mom reunites with son after tornado:

5/20: Twins mimic dad's sneeze:

5/17: Woman gets pumped up at arm wrestling competition:

5/15: World's Best Jump Rope Girl:

5/10: Kimberly Chamber Choir members perform a song from "The Book of Mormon":

5/9: Treadmill dancer:

5/8: Elderly men run 100 meter dash:

5/6: Dove beauty sketches:

5/2: Hiccupping meteorologist:

5/1: World's smallest movie:

4/30: Three-legged alligator on golf course:

4/25: Soccer ball hits everything but net:

4/24: Sleep-laughing baby:

4/23: People rescue bear cubs:

4/22: Don't fall asleep in band class:

4/17: Nate Robinson Funny Jump Ball:

4/15: "Catching Fire" teaser trailer:

4/12: Seal spinning in place:

4/11: Don't blink:

4/9: Reporter attacked by wild turkey:

4/8: Talking dog delivers sweet message:

4/4: Inflating a tire in one second:

4/3: In laws get excited over pregnancy:

4/2: Big guy with big soccer skills:

4/1: Bedtime bandit:

3/29: Cute Easter puppy:

3/28: Man sleeps with pet tiger:

3/27: Baby dances to guitar:

3/26: How to kill a marshmallow Peep:

3/25: Roof shoveling fall takes care of snow:

3/22: Incredible golf putt:

3/21: Epic bridge demolition:

3/20: Kids make NCAA bracket picks:

3/18: Someone's sick of winter:

3/14: Backyard bike to mini-motorcycle:

3/13: Gatorade pour goes wrong:

3/12: Kid Dances to "Thriller" at Baseball Game:

3/11: Allouez Harlem Shake:

3/7:  Appleton North "Les Mis" Flash Mob:

3/6: Grandma plays video games:

3/5: Incredible diving catch:

3/1: Dogs riding monkeys:

2/26: Green Bay Preble does "Harlem Shake":

2/25: Sea otter shoots hoops:

2/20: BirdBuggy:

2/19: Dad makes ponytail with vacuum cleaner:

2/18: Solving a Rubik's Cube while doing push-ups:

2/15: Horse opens door:

2/14: Baby's mind blown by ball machine:

2/8: Chicken caller:

2/5: Shaq lip-syncs to Beyonce during Super Bowl:

2/4: Coolest Grandpa Ever:

1/30: Fish out of the ice:

1/24: Diver helps dolphin:

1/23: Dog wants to meet baby:

1/22: Sasha Obama yawns during inauguration speech:

1/21: Evaporating water in -30C:

1/15: Los Angeles overreacts to the cold:

1/14: Hidden door:

1/9: Whale enjoys mariachi band:

1/8: Amish Skiing:

1/7: Frozen lake makes strange noise:

12/31: Puppy tries to eat cat:

12/28: Cat rides on hood:

12/27: Wind pics up truck trailer:

12/26: Dog tries to get out of Christmas sweater:

12/25: Warehouse workers Carol of Bells:

12/21: White lion cubs:

12/19: Kittens in a bowl:

12/18: Student has nightmare in class:

12/17: Waving beaver:

12/14: Goats push each other in wagon:

12/13: Guy plays guitar while driving:

12/12: Slick golfer loses club:

12/11: Passenger helps woman cross road:

12/10: Cat sees snow for the first time:

12/7: Toddler sings with street performer:

12/6: Surfing back flips:

12/5: Dog jumps into pool:

12/4: How to eat corn in 10 seconds:

11/30: Dog and fish swim together:

11/29: Kid rides vacuum:

11/28: 135 jump off Russian bridge:

11/27: Baby can't stay awake:

11/26: Gangnam Style:

11/23: Kid loves hugging goats:

11/22: "It's Thanksgiving" song:

11/21: Texting woman falls in fountain:

11/20: Turbo-charged tractor:

11/19: Slo-mo fall into bathtub:!

11/16: Dog helps pull loose tooth:

11/15: Turtle pushes turtle over:

11/14: Baby has trouble drinking from the hose:

11/13: Elephant tries to take out minivan:

11/12: Soldiers surprise homecoming mix:

11/9: Model rude awakening (Warning: Graphic Language):


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    1 Dead 14 Injured in Crash Involving School Bus on HWY 29

    Highway 29 is closed because of a crash at the intersection of South St. Augustine Drive involving a school bus and at least one other vehicle.The highway is closed on both sides of the intersection.No information is available on about injuries at this time.This story will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.More >>
    Highway 29 is closed because of a crash at the intersection of South St. Augustine Drive involving a school bus and at least one other vehicle.The highway is closed on both sides of the intersection.No information is available on about injuries at this time.This story will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.More >>
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    Video purports to show beheading of US journalist

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    Lawyer says family of girl with Uzi is devastated

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    An attorney for the parents of a 9-year-old girl who accidentally killed an Arizona shooting range instructor with an Uzi said Tuesday the family is devastated by the tragedy that occurred on a brief excursion during a...More >>
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