Target 2

Target 2: scammers hijacking cellphones to raid bank accounts

'Just ludicrous': Brown County's top cop calls out lawmaker for stalling bill

Warrant scam becoming more elaborate, officials say

Target 2 Investigates: $5.9 billion owed in back child support

Confiscated cash pays back child support

Target 2 Update: committee passes bill to close OWI law loophole

Target 2 Consumer Alert: how to spot a utility scam

Target 2 Investigates: Waiting for their day in court

Target 2 Investigates: why 'career criminal' keeps getting released

Don't toss out that Census survey

Dealership bill gets hearing in Madison

Help wanted: Target 2 goes behind the walls of GBCI during hiring blitz

Target 2: Standard Pre-Owned case inspires effort to change law

Target 2: Drunk drivers could lose snowmobile, boat privileges

Lawmakers propose reinstating collective bargaining for prison workers

Man who caused deadly daylight crash was 3.5 times over legal limit

Target 2 Investigates: Lawmakers take aim at homelessness

Target 2 Investigates: families on edge as costs rise, pay stagnates

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