Steven Avery

State asks US Supreme Court to deny Dassey's request for hearing

American Psychological Association supports Dassey review in Supreme Court

Juvenile justice advocates ask Supreme Court to review Dassey case

Appeals court rules for State, says Dassey's confession was not coerced

Making A Murderer: Judge denies Avery motion; Zellner says case now in appeals court

Avery attorney files a new Notice of Appeal

New Avery documents: phone calls and Facebook posts contradict key witness

A look at the new claims made in the Steven Avery case

Avery's attorney files motion for the court to reconsider new trial; grant evidentiary hearing

Avery attorney files motion for judge to vacate order denying new trial

Judge denies Steven Avery's request for a new trial

Bible quote at the center of Dassey arguments

Panel of seven judges hears arguments in Dassey case

Making A Murderer: Full appeals court will hear Brendan Dassey case

Zellner: Appeals court dismissal allows judge to hear all Avery claims

Dassey attorneys ask court to deny state's request for a rehearing

Avery's attorney files letter to "clarify current status of the Avery case"

"Making A Murderer": State petitions full appeals court to hear Dassey case

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