Steven Avery

Zellner: Appeals court dismissal allows judge to hear all Avery claims

Dassey attorneys ask court to deny state's request for a rehearing

Avery's attorney files letter to "clarify current status of the Avery case"

"Making A Murderer": State petitions full appeals court to hear Dassey case

Appellate court denies motion, keeps Dassey behind bars

Dassey defense: State's request to hold Dassey is "not warranted"

State says Brendan Dassey should stay behind bars

"Making A Murderer": Dassey's attorneys ask for his release from prison

Exclusive: Zellner says Steven Avery 'optimistic' following Dassey ruling

Avery appeal filed: What's next?

"Making A Murderer": Zellner's motion makes five arguments for Avery's release

Avery prosecutor and defense attorney face off on Dr. Phil

Avery prosecutor set to release book that tells the story “Making a Murderer” missed

Federal judges hear Dassey's case for freedom

Convicted felon claims Steven Avery confessed to him about murdering Teresa Halbach

State crime lab analyzing Steven Avery blood evidence

Judge orders independent testing of evidence in Avery case

Dassey, Avery attorneys talk about this week’s twists

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