Scam Alert

Target 2 Consumer Alert: Automated "IRS" scam calls

Scams push foreclosure fraud to limit, taking victims' homes

Man walks into police station with IRS scammer on the phone

WPS sees another surge in utility scam calls

Utility scam expanding, targeting businesses

New version of ‘loved one in jail’ scam asks for iTunes cards

Jury duty scam calls traced to Georgia prison

New scam: Scammers will call you a taxi

Caller posing as police officer selling drug kits

New twist in IRS scam demands "Federal Student Tax" payment

Latest WPS scam targets restaurants and day cares

IRS scammers get $10,000 from local people

Scammers posing as police target college women

BBB gets thousands of complaints of "Can you hear me?" scam

Back 2 School: IRS scam targeting college students

Dish Network scam: Callers may already have your credit card number

Scam involving traveling asphalt crew reported in Outagamie County

Sorry, you did NOT win a Spanish lottery

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