56 dogs looking for new homes arrive in Fox Valley from Texas

Appleton shelter taking in dogs from hurricane zone in Houston

Green Bay animal shelter receives dogs and cats from Texas

Groups sue to protect Yellowstone bears as hunts anticipated

Marinette police: Officer who shot dog used reasonable force

Dog survives shot from Marinette police officer

Oshkosh Humane Society reaches cat capacity following rescue

An Unexpected Encounter with a 6-Point Buck

Girl steps in front of toddler brother to protect him from pit bull attack

Dozens of feral cats to be rescued from Washington Island

Curious cow disobeys "mooove" over law in Winnebago County

Fox Valley Metro Police respond to report of a dragon in neighborhood

Bear trashes, crashes sport utility vehicle in Colorado

Texas calf born looking like KISS rocker Gene Simmons

Sheboygan County Humane Society to receive 11 dogs from meat farm

Green Bay dealing with skunk problem

Bobcat attacks man and dog in Arizona

Dog pulls baby deer from water to save it from drowning

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